Black Panther (2018)

“Wakanda forever!” *crosses arms*

What’s it about?

It’s about a group of black people who wants to build a wall between them and the rest of the world… Wait, what?

Who’s in it?

Chadwick Boseman, the girl from 12 Years A Slave, Michonne as Jaime Lannister, Forest Whitaker, the black dude who Got Out, Gollum, Bilbo Baggins, Randall from This Is Us and the Human Torch. No, not Chris Evans. From the shitty reboot. Yeah, that one.

Why should I watch it?

+ Massive love for Ryan Coogler
+ Go check his other films when you get the chance
+ Boseman killed it as T’Challa
+ Black Panther is basically Thor, Iron Man and Captain America right?
+ A wise king who’s like a super soldier in a suit of armour
+ The tour guide of the world Wakanda is fucking amazing
+ How it’s society and culture works
+ Michael B. Jordan plays a very interesting bad guy
+ He makes some good points, you kinda empathise with him and understand his motivations
+ But he’s just going about it the wrong way
+ Film is loaded with strong women characters too
+ Fight scenes with them are bad arse
+ Shuri is this movie’s Korg
+ Her lines are fucking hilarious
+ She also makes Tony Stark look like a kid playing with Legos
+ I mean, if Legos could become a self aware AI that wants to kill everyone
+ Loved M’Baku and his arc
+ Sprinkled with a bit of Game Of Thrones like politics
+ Two cats who are related fighting for the throne?
+ So yeah, it’s basically Lion King
+ Social commentary is on point
+ Dat Wakandan healthcare system tho

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– With great amount of vibranium, comes great responsibility
– What can’t vibranium do?
– It seems like it can do whatever the fuck the screenwriters want
– Kinda teaches kids that herbs can give you a spiritual high
– Don’t do drugs and stay in school, kids
– Very very last fight scene was fucking weak
– Just too CG and pretty dull man
– Why cut your body for every kill when you can just get a tear drop tattoo?
– Both end credit scenes are also fucking whack

Anything else?

Just like  Wonder Woman last year, this is another important movie that everyone should watch and support. Definitely need more films like this. Great fun for the whole family. Except maybe your racist uncle. You’ll come out of the cinema with a big smile and an African accent.


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6 thoughts on “Black Panther (2018)

  1. Fun review! I have to agree on the very very last fight between Kilmonger and T’Challa. I was left wanting more- like the excitement when they first went up against one another earlier in the film.

    I’d also like to add that it’s probably best to leave all racist uncles at home from now on ha Fun review!

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