Don’t Breathe (2016)

“It’s kind of fucked up to rob a blind guy, isn’t it?”

What’s it about?

Three thieves try to rob a blind guy in his own home thinking he’ll give it up easy but turns out, he’s not that kinda girl.

Who’s in it?

The bad guy from Avatar and the girl from Evil Dead.

Why should I watch it?

+ Like the title suggest, you actually do really hold your breath at some points in the movie
+ It gets fucking tense man! Will have you covering your mouth with both hands
+ Especially when he’s walking around the hallway and they’re trying to stay still
+ Lights out scene was awesome, liked the zoom shots to the face
+ Title also opens doors for some great puns, I like a good pun
+ It’s interesting how it makes you unsure who to root for
+ Both sides have bad and good qualities
+ On one hand this guy is blind and a grieving father and on the other, he’s hiding some dark shit
+ On one hand this girl is selfish as fuck and uses people but on the other, she’s just trying to create a better life for herself and her sister
+ They’re both pretty shitty people but one is clearly worse than the other
+ So, it’s a bit like choosing the next President of America
+ Stephen Lang was great at acting blind, he’s a pretty dangerous dude too once he’s at arms reach
+ He’s a better shot than a Stormtrooper
+ Blind aspect brings a layer of unpredictability as well, which makes it even more scarier and intense
+ Like you don’t know whether he’ll shoot or not etc.
+ That dog is like a fucking terminator
+ What is he feeding that thing?
+ The friendzone can be dangerous to your health
+ Movie made me jump twice
+ I’m talking about popcorn spilling everywhere jump
+ Unlike the Army vet, justice isn’t really blind, is it?
+ Rich people getting away with murder, or to be even more relevant, a certain Stanford athlete only spending 3 fucking months in prison after raping someone
+ If you think about it, he kinda turns into the person he hates in the end
+ Breaks the common misconception that blind people can’t be psychopaths

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– Why did they cut the “Now you see what I see” line from the trailer?
– That was a badass line
– If you call yourself Money, you deserve to be shot (Relax, relax. It was in the trailer)
– If she’s missing, wouldn’t this guy be the number fucking one suspect?
– How the fuck did he even kidnap her anyway?
– Did he use his surprisingly strong sense of smell all the way to her house?
– Did he drag her all the way back to his? I’m guessing he can’t drive, right?
– All that turkey baster stuff came out of nowhere, wasn’t expecting that
– Someone should really introduce this guy to a little process called adoption
– Would be much easier than jizzing on people
– Holy shit, that kid does not stop talking about the fucking beach
– Is he living on a street full of deaf people?

Anything else?

Fresh movie with an interesting concept that explores new territories. Really entertaining throughout. Had a couple of what the fuck moments and stuff I didn’t see coming near the end but solid film regardless. Between this and Hush, it seems like loss of senses makes for great horror/thriller. Someone get writing on a film about someone who can’t smell or can’t taste anything.


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30 thoughts on “Don’t Breathe (2016)

  1. This film looked pretty badass! I have to admit, I liked the idea of a blind man reaking havoc on some kids trying to steal from him. Obviously there is a lot more to the story than that, but I can’t wait to see it! “He’s a better shot than a Stormtrooper” had me cracking up!

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  2. “Is he living on a street full of deaf people?”
    haha…when they are discussing the location of his home in the restaurant, Money mentions at some point that the blind man lives by himself on the whole block

    – If she’s missing, wouldn’t this guy be the number fucking one suspect?
    – How the fuck did he even kidnap her anyway?
    – Did he use his surprisingly strong sense of smell all the way to her house?
    – Did he drag her all the way back to his? I’m guessing he can’t drive, right?

    forreal, considering that he likely got blind since before the kidnapping and his daughter’s killer is from a rich family, surely the parents would maybe publicize the news of their missing girl, probably to the point where the three of them, having learned about the daughter’s death and money settlement, would have learned that the rich girl was missing

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    1. I’d say it’s more of a thriller, think you’ll like it! And thank you! I love that you love reading my reviews aha


    1. It’s like they needed something to get people to think that this guy is definitely the bad guy. Would’ve preferred if he kidnapped her because she killed her daughter, full stop.

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  3. Ah I so want to see this film it looks so good! Plus I loved Hush so if it’s like that then I’m game! Disappointed to hear that they cut the “now you see what I see” line that really hooked me in on the trailer, it’s like them cutting the “because you were home” line from the strangers!

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  4. Cool review Diego. I guess the moral of the story is don’t break into someone’s house. You never know who they could be and what they may be capable of.

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  5. Great review. I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie for the WTF moments, but it was OK.


    My biggest WTF moment was when they googled the house’s address, the article came up about his daughter, but his daughter wasn’t killed at the house, she was killed on the road. Plus, as a former journalist, a news organization wouldn’t put the full address of a person’s house, especially if the crime didn’t happen there. Plus, the semen part made me want to throw up. He said he didn’t want to rape her but sticking a turkey baster full of his semen in here would be considered rape or something close to it.

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    1. Aha nice nitpick, missed that one. Yeah just the dribbling part was too much aha it’s pretty much the same right? Gotta love him getting a taste of his own medicine.

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      1. Yeah that was so gross! Yeah, the movie was pretty good for the revenge aspect, though not as good as Last House on the Left!


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