Now You See Me 2 (2016)

“Because one thing I believe in, is an eye for an eye.”

What’s it about?

A year after the first movie, The Four Horsemen are back in the spotlight as they are forced into stealing a data-mining device by an evil tech genius.

Who’s in it?

Lex Luthor, Mark Ruffalo, Harry Potter, Not Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Woody Harrelson x2, Morgan Freeman, My Cocaine, That Asian guy in The Green Hornet and Mark Donovan from The Inbetweeners.

Why should I watch it?

+ Mark Ruffalo’s character gets more depth and more action scenes
+ He’s got more daddy issues than Clark Kent
+ Definitely puts the emotional part in the movie
+ Loved the combination of magic and fighting in the first one and the magic fights here were entertaining
+ Especially that mirror part, that was jokes
+ But where’s my Dave Franco magic fight scene though?
+ Oh, there it is
+ Less running away from the FBI,  feels more like a heist movie
+ Also get to see behind the scenes of their plans and how they work
+ Pat down scene with slight of hand was probably the hightlight of the movie
+ Actually enjoyed the addition of Lizzy Caplan
+ Didn’t find her annoying and she does bring something different to the table
+ Dave Franco is starting to become my favourite Franco
+ Guy is straight up likeable
+ Still don’t buy into the whole hypnotism stuff but effects were quite cool
+ Daniel Radcliffe is finally back dabbling with magic and he was a pretty decent bad guy
+ His evil plan was pretty dark
+ Like the magic vs science bit, Can’t wait to see that in the MCU with Doctor Strange and Iron Man

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– Revealing yourself in the first movie feels pretty stupid now, doesn’t it?
– What happened to the French chick?
– Fucking twin brother, what was going on there man
– Forced romance between Dave Franco and Lizzy Caplan
– I remember two magic trick pulling me out of the film because it was too unbelievable and there were a lot more here
– Mind explaining the rain scene? No? Okay then
– Surely you’d just hire magician bodyguards, right?
– Eisenberg with the whole wanting to be a leader part really annoyed me, shitty attitude man
– Owners of the oldest magic shop in the world are part of The Eye… Shocker
– Guy with the girlfriend who gets chosen for a magic trick is the reason you shouldn’t bring a date to a comedy club
– Bike/car explosion effects were weak AF
– Couldn’t the henchmen see that the plane isn’t flying?
– The last twist… Really? Fuck off
– Just making shit up as they go along
– Also, what the fuck is the deal with people who’s actually part of The Eye trying their hardest to catch you out
– It’s like the main theme of the two movies
– Like, what if they actually succeeded?

Anything else?

I’ve now you seen better but I definitely wanna now you see more, you’ll now you see what I mean. Great seeing the magicians back doing their thing but I much prefer the first one. If you need a distraction from a boring day, here’s one for you. Just turn your brain off and don’t be all like, “Wait, what? How did they…” and you should be all good.


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28 thoughts on “Now You See Me 2 (2016)

  1. Yep I agree… Dave Franco is my favorite Franco and has been for a while lol. I watched the first one again recently, and yeah I agree it is the better one, which is a shame because there are sequels that are soooo much better than the original. I now, just want a Jack Wilder solo movie. lol great review.

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  2. It doesn’t top the first one, but it’s not as terrible as some made it out to be. I HATED that Woody Harrellson’s character had a twin…like something out of a soap opera not to mention he was mad annoying! Lizzy Caplan slowly grew on me though! Solid review as usual Diego 😉

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      1. I think what made it even more annoying was the fact that he was playing BOTH twins lol

        And you’re right..the Caplan/Franco thing felt wayy forced mostly because she came onto him so strong from like the first time they met. Awk!

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      2. Aha na mean. Gotta buy him dinner first lol It’s like the director saw The Prestige and was like, “Why don’t we add a twin in our movie?” And someone was like, “Solid fucking idea, John. Let’s write that shit up.”

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  3. I actually really liked this movie. But then again I loved the first one way more than most people seem to. I think maybe I’m just too easily impressed when it comes to magic tricks? I’m the adult who would totally go to a magic show aimed at like 12 year olds and be all ‘ooooh ahhhhh’ at it.

    Also Mark Ruffalo, how can you NOT love anything with Mark Ruffalo?

    I really didn’t mind the twins thing. I thought it was schticky, but still funny. Didn’t really buy the forced Dave Franco (the only Franco I don’t hate, so def my favorite) romance thing but that’s just cause I was totally sure his character was into Curly Guy (I suck at names, the least fun of all the magicians is Curly Guy) not Funny Girl. Also, is it just me or was Harry Potter SUPER JACKED in this movie? That was distracting. Hard to pay attention to the magic when the little British dude has arms like that.

    I loved reading your review, though. I lost it at My Cocaine!

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    1. Aha that good old rabbit out of a hat trick. Would really love to be able to pull off a few good tricks though, that’s the world I wanna live in. You shipping Franco and Eisenberg. Also, did James Franco hurt you or something? aha Why the hate? You think so? He looked the same to me.
      Thanks Chelsea! Really kind words 😀

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      1. I just have that instant repulsion from James Franco. I have no idea why. It’s something about his face. He has that , “I’m a philosophy major, let me tell you how deep I am” face that I see at college all the time.

        I kinda feel bad for him, since its not his fault his face is like that, haha.

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  4. This movie made me mad. I kind of wanted to like it (love the cast), but it just feels underwhelming as the whole “magic illusion” is gone from the first film and is more of a retread.


  5. What I really liked with the first NYSM was how they explained everything, and that is what I’m looking forward to in this movie as well. Also got to love some Dave Franco!

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  6. I choked at “Lex Luthor” lol. Yeah, the whole twist in the end was just so messed up. Like wtf?! It made no sense, and the whole thing put together just ended up rubbish. Still fun to watch though, what a guilty pleasure!

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