Midnight Special (2016)

“I’ll always worry about you, Alton. That’s the deal.”

What’s it about?

A bunch of grown men fighting over an 8 year old boy. Wait, that probably sounded weird. Okay, a father rescues his son from a religious cult to get him to a specific location at a specific time.

Who’s in it?

Michael Shannon, Kirsten Dunst, Joel Edgerton and a more emotionally stable Kylo Ren.

Why should I watch it?

+ Best thing about this movie has to be the performances
+ Michael Shannon kills it 60% of the time, every time
+ Playing a caring but desperate father with a greyish moral code
+ Joel Edgerton plays one of the best friends you can ask for, great bromance with Shannon
+ Also answers the question, What’s Kirsten Dunst up to these days?
+ Kid was alright, doesn’t get given much emotionally though, more meaningful stares
+ The storyline is really interesting
+ The movie kinda drops you in the middle of this ongoing story
+ A simple kidnapping turns into something a lot more
+ Also interesting how different people interpret the meaning of the kid and his powers
+ Some see him as a messiah, some see him as a weapon and some only see him as a son
+ What really drives this movie is the build up of the mystery
+ What the hell is the kid’s deal? I don’t remember puberty being that bad
+ Seems like we learn along with the characters
+ And it’s the sense of wanting to know more that makes you stick with the movie
+ Bit of a Tomorrowland vibe near the end
+ Wait, is that a good thing?

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– Not gonna lie, I was pretty bored at times
– It’s a bit slow and takes a while to get going
– Wanted to see more of the cult and government agents, needed more development
– Could’ve said a lot more with the movie by exploring these areas
– Like Apocalypse, not really sure what his powers actually are
– Is he a human radio? A human flashlight?
– If he’s so powerful, why doesn’t he help more?
– There’s really no sense of urgency
– Doesn’t get me like, “Yeah, lets get him there!”
– Probably because there’s not enough info
– Seriously, the movie barely gives you enough info
– You know how the fifth dimension beings were quite vague in Interstellar?
– Yeah, the whole movie is as vague as that
– Pay off doesn’t really deliver for me
– Shock ending for the sake of shock ending

Anything else?

This is definitely a unique and unusual film, thats for sure. It just left me disappointed with so many questions in my mind. Wish they just gave us a more answers than questions, it’s a bit like watching Lost all over again.


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37 thoughts on “Midnight Special (2016)

    1. I put it in because of the mystery and it had the alien/higher being in human form but the tone is quite different. Instead of exploring what it means to be human (like ex machina too), Midnight Special has more of an coming of age/father and son vibe I think. That’s why I’m a little disappointed with it. It’s a tough to call if you’ll like it though, everyone either loves it or hate it aha

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    1. It’s still something you have to watch I think but yeah, this post was probably good to lower your expectations a bit aha who knows, could end up blowing your socks off. If you’re wearing socks at the time anyway.

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  1. I saw the movie and in spite of it having a good ensemble cast, the story is pretty thin. If you distill it, it is simply about a kid wanting to go home. Like an ET ripoff except without a point. What was the purpose of having the kid, who is an incarnate from another world be borne to the humans below if all he is going to end up doing is wanting to go to his real world? The kid only brought pain, confusion, and destruction. The components that made it a movie are a mix of parts from other thrillers: government chase scene, the cult culture, etc. Just a bunch of ingredients that produced a flat and unsatisfying gruel.

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      1. Exactly, it implied the father is other worldly as well but for some reason decided to stay with the other humans. It is just a story written to indulge the writer’s desire to have certain elements in the film.

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