10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

“People are strange creatures. You can’t always convince them that safety is in their best interest.”

What’s it about?

A woman gets in a car accident and wakes up in a bunker. A guy claims to have saved her from the wreck and from the contaminated air above after a chemical attack, but it seems that his story has more plot holes than Batman v Superman. Sorry Sadffleck.

Who’s in it?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Goodman, the guy from Short Term 12 and a voice cameo from Bradley Cooper.

Why should I watch it?

+ Doesn’t waste time grabbing your attention and once it’s got it, it doesn’t let go
+ John Goodman really stands out, incredible performance from being creepily intense to sincerely welcoming
+ Goes from “What a great host, why is she being rude?” to “Fuck this guy, get out of there!”
+ He would also make the worst Santa ever
+ MEW was also awesome, why isn’t she in more films?
+ Acts like how someone would in that situation and given those information
+ And she actually made smart moves and she is mad resourceful
+ Awkward and funny dinner scene
+ Intimate movie with a compelling mystery element
+ Does a great job making you guess on what exactly Goodman’s deal is
+ A lot of tense scenes with a side of blood pumping soundtrack
+ Also a good reminder to have a fashion designer guy and a bunker guy to your friendship roster

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– If you’ve seen Cloverfield:
– This movie isn’t related in any way, it’s more of a friend of a friend
– If you haven’t seen Cloverfield:
– That ending, it’s like someone changed the channel to a shitty sci-fi movie
– Didn’t blend well at all and could’ve done without it

Anything else?

Really don’t get why they added the name Cloverfield, felt like it would’ve made a better and tighter movie without it. Don’t wanna sound like Trump but they definitely should’ve build a wall between these two genres. Still though, it is probably the best psychological horror this year. I wasn’t even excited for this movie at all so that should tell you something.


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32 thoughts on “10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

  1. Never heard about this movie but it actually sounds interesting, or perhaps it’s you who makes it interesting. 😀

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  2. Was actually planning to get a review of this up this week haha
    You didn’t like the ending? Maybe I’m more of a fan of films that just go crazy in the opposite direction of their original premise but I thought it was hilarious! I was glued to the screen, it was so jarring and weird haha
    Loved the review 😉

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  3. Spot on about the title. This should never have been tied to Cloverfield. The title totally took away from any suspense or doubt I might have felt since the movie’s name told me there were aliens outside.

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    1. Thanks! I still haven’t really seen Cloverfield yet but I’m glad I watched this one. See I wasn’t really a big fan of that ending aha cheers for dropping by!

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  4. MEW is great. She was in that show The Returned which is now on Netflix and didn’t get renewed for a second season. This movie was awesome until the sci-fi ending. Gave me major anxiety but totally worth it

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  5. Honestly the end of the movie to me reminded me of Skyline and War of the Worlds and I do not need to be reminded of either. Ever. Specially Skyline. It was playing on a bus ride that took about 27 hours over and over again and I was right in front of the TV.
    But yeah this movie is f*cking awesome. And I did enjoy the surprise at the end to some point to be honest. It was something I did not expect as I refused to watch Cloverfield and I did not think this will be in any way tied up together.

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    1. Aha wow, that sounds like hell aha! Yeah it’s just weird putting the Cloverfield name on it, I think. I was thinking of giving Cloverfield a go… But then I just kept living my life.

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      1. I think they want to do a sequel? I hope they will not, cause it would ruin this movie. Kind of like Matrix 2 and 3 ruined the 1st one 😀 thank you for taking a look on my blog btw as it is really really new.

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      2. Aha gotta milk that cow right? No worries, thanks for the fun read! Keep up the good work and you’ll be growing in no time.

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  6. Oh man, that movie was great! Im happt I found this blog. I saw you, because you liked my review. Well, right now, I’m gonna check it all the time. Thanks!

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    1. Such a shame about it ending but awesome movie. Aha thank you! I’m always on the lookout for new TV shows to get addicted to. Plus, it’s always good connecting with people over here aha


  7. Agree with your review. The studio linking it to Cloverfield is a shame as it’s a spoiler really. Winstead should do more films as she is superb in everything.

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