Starred Up (2013)

“Starred up means you’re leader.”

What’s it about?

A story about a teenage convict who is so violent and explosive, he was probably made in a Samsung factory.

Who’s in it?

Cook from Skins, the guy who wanted to absorb Wayne’s company in TDKR, the guy who played Agent 47 in Hitman: Agent 47. You guys seen that? Yeah, me neither.

Why should I watch it?

+ Fans of Skins (UK version) would totally get me when I say that the casting Jack O’Connell is perfect in this role
+ He plays a violent guy just brimming with anger
+ Very aware of situations, incredibly resourceful and wary of people
+ Basically solves all of his problems with his fist
+ But at the same time, you sympathise with him, the guy just doesn’t know how to ask for help
+ Like, you actually care for this guy, there’s layers to him
+ Has a gritty, realistic portrayal of prison life
+ Movie doesn’t have a score, giving it more of a documentary kinda vibe
+ A bit like Bronson
+ And not just because they both like to let it all hang out
+ Conversation between the group was fun to watch at times, fucking tense at times
+ Anyone else found that dad as the absolute fucking worst?
+ Jealous of people who actually helps his kid, he looks at them like Michelle Williams looks at Beyonce’s career
+ Just steps in and cancels out everything he worked hard for
+ Could go all deep about it and say that he’s been locked up for too long, he forgot how to be a father
+ But fuck that guy
+ Touches on how fucked up prisons are
+ Will get you shouting, “Fuck the system”
+ Instead of seeing that people can be treated and rehabilitated, these guys just see them with a cynical view
+ Officer Johnson, ha!

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– Loads of violence and profanity, they say a four-lettered C word a lot
– And I’m not talking about the word “cute”
– How are you gonna frame someone for suicide with their hands cuffed behind their back?
– If you’re about to commit a crime? Might put you off
– Just reminds me that I would definitely not last a day in prison
– Fun fact: I’ve actually spent a night in a police cell for being too drunk and awesome when I was 18/19
– Wasn’t violent or anything though, just pissing outside a 99p store
– Apparently, that wasn’t enough to base a hip hop career on

Anything else?

This one’s been on my list for a while but I caught it on TV the other night and I was pleasantly surprised. Shout out to Film4. Seriously one of the best prison dramas I’ve ever seen. If you wanna keep exploring how fucked up prisons are, give the 13th a gander. Especially if you live in America.

Btw, I will be at London Comic Con this Saturday so if you’re coming too, I’ll be the guy in the season 1 Daredevil costume. I guess I WON’T see you there? (That was a blind joke but seriously, it’s kinda hard to see through that mask ironically enough)


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25 thoughts on “Starred Up (2013)

  1. The 13th is incredibly sobering. I love a good doc…but I think I’ll pass on this one! Sounds intense.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good one buddy! Anything that makes you exclaim “fuck the system!” is worth a watch. I seriously love Jack O’Connell. He often plays the same kind of character but I liked him in Unbroken, was pretty different. I want to see him in more stuff!

    Haven’t seen this one, but I did love Bronson. I will be checking it out!

    Also, good idea for the London Comic Con outfit. I’ll be there in spirit.


  3. “I’ll be the guy in the season 1 Daredevil costume. I guess I WON’T see you there?”

    HA! I am on a plane right now, headed to London just to witness this. (unfortunately not really though… I have midterms and such…)

    Liked by 1 person

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