Ask Me Everything!

You’re probably wondering, “Why the fuck is this guy bothering me on a Wednesday?!” Well, I recently passed 3,500 views! I know it’s pretty weird milestone and I know there are shitty YouTube videos with click bait titles/thumbnails out there with more but I genuinely really really appreciate it! Really really? Really really. I love sharing my thoughts and making bad jokes about films and I’m just so glad that people like reading them too. I’ve also recently landed a placement at a cool ad agency so there’s double reasons to celebrate (yay!)



Anyway, here I am, thinking about what to do for you lovely lot in return. I’ve seen someone do Random Facts or Ask Me Anything, which is quite a cool idea to steal. (Hey, recycling is good for the environment right?) Questions can be about myself, films/tv or  my views on topics or just life in general (Whoa, views for views would be an awesome title). Fire as many q’s as you like my way, let’s break down this virtual barrier.

Or maybe you want more drunk reviews? I’ve got a bottle of whiskey downstairs that’s just waiting to be cracked open. The sacrifices I make for you guys.

Or maybe you want me to flip it and reverse it, and I’ll ask you awesome people questions? 

So yeah, just let me know when you know what you want me to do so that I know, know what I mean? Your wish, my command.

85 thoughts on “Ask Me Everything!

  1. Congrats on both the follower count and the new job!
    I love the picture you chose for this post. 🙂

    I’m a new follower so I don’t really know much about you. I’m not even sure which continent you live on. So, which is it?

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    1. Cheers and cheers! Aha massive fan of 500 Days over here. Good place to start. I live in Europe. More specifically, in the U.K. Even more specifically, just outside of London.

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  2. Diego, I had no idea you do drunk reviews, but what an awesome idea! Definitely do more of those … Which brings me to a question: I’d love to hear about a time you were absolutely crazy about a movie when you were drunk and then, upon seeing it sober, were sorely disappointed.

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    1. Good question! Aha well I’ve only done it once for this blog so far. I met with some friends, drank a few too many and watched X-Men: Apocalypse. Apparently it has the reverse effect on me, I turn into a negatron aha just making fun of the movie. Wonder how I would find re-watching it sober…

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  3. Incredible man, congrats! I don’t know if anybody else has asked, but I’d love to know what gave you the push to just say fuck it and write movie reviews? Lifelong dream? Peer pressure? A revelatory experience?
    Obviously I’m a fan, keep up the great work ;D

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    1. Thanks for the kinds words man! Good to see your blog growing! Well at first I was over at Blogger, thought it would be a good way to work on my writing (being a copywriter and all). But then I thought fuck it, I love watching movies so let me just enjoy writing movie reviews. Then I moved to WordPress this January (New year, new me right? Aha fuck, I hate that saying). Some of my mates always ask me for recommendations so that’s why my blog’s set up is the way it is, more like a review-commendation. Like that question.

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  4. Ok, so deep breathe…(you, not me)…I have five questions. Hey, you said “Ask Me Everything…” so sorry but here goes….
    1. What’s your review/writing process? Do you like take notes while watching to get points to write about later or do you just go straight to your laptop after a movie to pour it all out…….or are you just always that drunk guy typing away at 1 a.m…how do you do it?
    2. Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead. I know this is gonna be hard, but I want you to pick one over the other.
    3. Have you seen The Spectacular Now (2013)? If yes, do a review s’il vous plaît. If no, see it and do a review s’il vous plaît.
    4. I started blogging around March and I wrote a review on Deadpool. I remember you being the first like on that. First, thank you….and second, I would love to know, how did you stumble across me?
    5. This is not a question. It’s a statement of fact. You are doing some really terrific stuff here, Diego. Congratulations and seriously bro, keep up all the good work!

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    1. Aha jeeez, okay lets do this…
      1. I like taking notes while watching. I prefer watching movies I review twice if I can. I actually decide which movies to review-commend at the start of the week and I try coming up with jokes or funny way of looking at certain things at some point during that week. Fun fact: I sometimes do a review-commendation because I liked one joke or comment I came up with about film aha!
      2. Game of Thrones. Sorry, Rick. The world is just much richer with a lot of themes (religion, politics etc.) and has a lot more interesting characters. Oh, and dragons. Oh, and boobs.
      3. I have indeed! It’s one of my many films I can’t wait to recommend but it’s still chilling in my drafts at the moment. I’ll release it at some point but I might need to rewatch it again.
      4. No worries man! I remember giggling while reading it so I put a ring on it. I think I was searching through “film reviews” or “movie reviews” on WordPress to connect with other film minded people out there. I’ve actually found a lot of cool people this way!
      5. Sincerely man, Thank you! Really means a lot!

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  5. Diego, awesome going on the views and the job.. I am a marketer myself and I totally get how excited you must be with a good creative role.. as someone said, you were one of the first friends on wordpress and I started on here in Feb, and it’s great to get to know you and your thoughts and consistent encouragement with the likes and comments on my blog.. I love reading your reviews..
    Q – fav genre of movies and why?

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    1. Thanks Sukanya! (Great name btw) wheeeey, nice! *high fives* I really enjoy coming up with ideas. No worries! It’s always good to share the love right?
      A – Psychological thrillers. Maybe it’s the inner psychology grad in me, but I find how people behave and why they act the way they do really interesting.

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  6. WOW CONGRATS MAN!!! I love reading your reviews so much, its great to see someone so passionate about films and expressing it in such an creative and interesting way! My question (s) are
    1) Will you review the following (my favourite movies, please let me know if you’ve already done them) 1. City of God, 2. The Departed, 3. The Godfather 1-3, 4. Seven, 5. Goodfellas?

    2) I read in one of your posts you don’t like old movies, What is old? and how old is unwatchable for you?

    3) Also what are you top 5 favourite movies? (if you can narrow it down to 5, I found it so difficult…)
    Thanks for also checking out my blog that was really cool. Keep it up!

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      1. Thank you!!! Really nice of you!! Good to see you back on here btw! Hope you nailed your final project! Okay, let’s dive in:

        1.) I haven’t done a review for any of those yet. I love love love those movies though, especially City of God, and I will for sure review them soon! PS. I still haven’t seen The Godfather 1-3 but I will get on those soon as well.

        2.) My safe place, I would say, is the 2000s to right now. I venture out sometimes to to 90’s for some classic ones. Don’t generally tend to hang out in the 80s or 70s sections.

        3.) Ohhh tough question… Okay, my top 5 (in no particular order) right now would be The Dark Knight, 500 Days of Summer, Pulp Fiction, Saving Private Ryan aaaaaaand Superbad. I literally watch Superbad again and again.

        4.) Great choices. I’m gonna go modern on this one and say Christopher Nolan. Memento is an absolute masterpiece and had great story telling. Another shout out goes to Edgar Wright. Maaaaassive of his visual comedy, the man is a genius!

        Great questions!

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  7. Thanks a lot and yeah taking the break was really helpful I managed to get a distinction for my Final Major Project!
    How haven’t you seen The Godfather trilogy omg??? Well you have a great taste in movies and Tv shows so I trust its on the “To watch list”…right? Pulp fiction is an excellent film! My brothers will be forever quoting “English! MF! Do you speak it?!?” My favourite quote is definitely “mmhm, this is a tasty burger!” Basically that whole scene with Samuel L. Jackson was gold. And I love Superbad! Speaking of Seth Rogan I also loved Pineapple Express (no one mentioned Seth Rogan I just wanted to mention Seth Rogan…)
    Also great choice of director, The Prestige was absolutely excellent but I haven’t actually seen Memento, I know my brothers were raving about it at some point, but I’ll definitely check it out! Also Edgar Wright amazing director! Me and my brothers were always trying to work out who directed the Cornetto trilogy!

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    1. Awesome news! *high fives* Well done!
      Aha it’s in their somewhere. It’s a reaaaally long list. “That kahuna burger joint?” Such a classic movie. “Does he look like a bitch?” “Then why you trying to fuck him like a bitch?” This is the end is sooo good too! Scott pilgrim V The World is a classic!

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  8. Hey Diego, love this idea. Came across ur site via Vinnie!

    Congrats on ur milestone!

    Got a bunch of q’s for u (if u dont mind)

    1) Wars or Trek?
    2) u mentioned above loving psychological thrillers, whats ur favorite underappreciated one that few people know about?
    3) Whats ur favorite film from your childhood that you dont rewatch because you dont want to ruin the magic?
    4) Do u prefer to watch films with a group or by yourself? theater or at home?
    5) What actor/actress do u absolutely hate and refuse to watch any of their films no matter the premise?


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    1. Hey Rob, nice connecting with you man!
      Thanks dude and feel free to fire away.
      1) Gotta be Star Wars right?
      2) Always recommend Memento to anyone who hasn’t seen it but I really digged Circle (2015) on Netflix too. But it’s more sociology.
      3) Good question. Maybe Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter?
      4) Depends on the movie I think but I always love watching films I like with people watching it for the first time.
      5) Think Adam Sandler tops the list at the moment.

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      1. All good! Hope you like it as much as I did. I did have a could of issues with it but I just found it really interesting. Let me know what you think!

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      2. Wiw! Loved it!!! So glad u suggested it because I never woulda seen it otherwise. Cant wait to see it again sometime knowing what happens

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