Who’s this guy?

I’m an advertising creative who just so happens to love watching movies and discussing said movies.

A few fun facts:
– I’ve actually shaken hands with Ian McKellen. What a lucky guy.
– I’ve also worked with Tom Hardy’s dad.
– Really don’t like watching old films (except some of the classics).
– Now you’re probably thinking “Why the fuck should I listen to this guy?”
– That’s a good question. You probably shouldn’t.

I share movie reviews on this blog so you can also fall in love with them. Some popular, some obscure, but all good (I hope). Let’s be honest, Sundays are meant to be fucking lazy, right?

Review-commendations every Sunday.
(around 12ish GMT, depends how much I drink the night before)

84 thoughts on “Who’s this guy?

      1. I came across him in a bar, so naturally I ran up to him yelling “wizard, you shall not pass!” Politely, he held out his hand to greet me. I went to shake his hand but I went with the wrong hand (the hand I was holding a pint of beer in). As I eagerly launched said hand towards him, my beer swilled over the edge and all over his t-shirt. He was wearing a “some people are gay: get over it!” t-shirt.

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      2. Ahaha that’s one hell of a story! What happened after?
        He actually came to our school aaaaaaages ago to talk about gay issues and I bumped into him after and extended a handshake. He also did the “You shall not pass” routine apparently but only the drama students saw it, lucky bastards.

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      3. That’s so cool! Pfft drama students, they’re always getting special treatment.

        After my incident with him, he walked away with Anthony Cotton, the soap star. Anthony was pretty damn drunk, he was more drunk than me.

        I do have a photo of the occasion but I don’t think I can attach it here!

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    1. Aha he came to our school to talk about gay issues, I managed to bump into him after and shook his hand aha He also did the “You shall not pass” line but only in front of the drama lot.


      1. Aha no worries 🙂 To be honest I was the same (still am in all fairness) – I just avoid listening to myself at all costs!

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      2. I don’t really tend to listen to them afterwards – I’ll have already been part of the whole discussion when we were recording so I don’t need to. I just tweet everything after 🙂

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  2. Howdy!

    Thanks for always liking my film reviews, it’s much appreciated.

    I love your blog; super original way of reviewing – keep it up!

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