Kong: Skull Island (2017)

“Is that a monkey?”

What’s it about?

This is what happens when you believe #KongLifeMatters but you don’t have a can of Pepsi in your hands.

Who’s in it?

Thor’s brother, my favourite actress, Samuel L. motherfucking Jackson, John “he’s not a badman but a” Goodman, John C. Reilly, Tobey Kebbell, Dr. Dre and Eazy-E from Straight Outta Compton and the main dude from Project X.

Why should I watch it?

+ Okay, first of all, Brie Larson
+ It’s a very different interpretation of the story and origin of King Kong
+ He’s been recast with a bigger and a better postured ape
+ Kong is an absolute BEAST
+ Filled with very entertaining action scenes
+ Eating octopus like noodles and swatting down choppers like flies
+ Actually, it’s pretty hard to swat down a fly
+ So, maybe like a mosquito or something?
+ And unlike Godzilla, Kong isn’t camera shy
+ But still prefer Godzilla’s fatality, if I’m honest
+ Some creative and interesting creatures on the island
+ Liked the quick cuts, which relates scenes
+ Also packed with humour, mostly because of John C. Reilly
+ Classic Army banter, busting balls and shit
+ Really good soundtrack too
+ Stick around for a post credit scene
+ If you know your monsters, you might be able to pick something out

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– Combined talent of the ensemble cast was pretty wasted
– Weren’t given a lot to work with, some stuff feels forced and not earned
– We fucking love going to war, huh?
– I mean, this whole war on Kong started because of the cold war during the Vietnam war #Warception
– So, Brie Larson is the reason King Kong is into blonde women?
– Love Brie Larson, but that flare shot was too fucking accurate
– Good to know Tom Hiddlestone has been watching new episodes of Samurai Jack as well
– Samuel L. Jackson’s character encapsulates everything I hate about humanity
– He’s walking around angry AF like Kong just pissed all over his kids
– Guy wants to re-accomodate the shit out of Kong
– Pepsi AND United Airlines jokes?
– I’m so fucking on trend right now

Anything else?

Overall, the story and characters are definitely better in Godzilla but there are more fight scenes and more monster scenes in this one. Like Godzilla, his film feels slower while Kong, like this film, is more fast paced. The tone of Godzilla also feels like DC while Kong feels more like Marvel. Excited to see these two heavyweights go mano y mano. Although, I genuinely can’t see how Kong can beat Godzilla. He was struggling with a lizard his size and Godzilla has that fucking atomic breath. Can’t wait to hear Godzilla say “King Kong ain’t got shit on me.”


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9 thoughts on “Kong: Skull Island (2017)

  1. Heyyyy

    How is it going?

    Weird request

    I used to write a film review blog called ‘lost for words’ (and still do when I have chance), but am currently focusing on trying to become a producer.

    When I wrote my blog, I used to follow yours and really liked your posts.

    So, my request would be, would you be interested in reviewing a trailer for a short film I’m producing this may?

    At the time of recording it, I had to step in as the actress (as we didn’t have one).

    We now have a proper cast, and are in the process of sourcing funds via a crowdfunding page.

    I’m slowly building followers and support, but it’s taking longer than I anticipated … so am trying to think outside the box by hosting things like a gig to raise money, and would like people to review the trailer (you being one) to see if it’ll gage more interest/be cool to see what people think of it.

    Here is a link to our crowdfunding page (which includes the trailer): igg.me/at/geminishortfilm2017

    We also have a WordPress which is run by my friend (also featured on the crowdfunding page).

    Would be cool to hear what you think!!

    No worries if not!!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend

    Kind regards

    Emily Rose spence

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  2. Cool review. I might see this, who knows. I wasn’t that keen too be honest, just because of how generic it looked. But you’ve made me more interested.

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  3. Thanks so much for the review. I enjoyed this movie but it did end up feeling like a sugar rush; fun and a blast but not sure I’d do it again soon.


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