Logan (2017)

“So, this is what it feels like. “

What’s it about?

It’s 2029, Logan is now an old man who heals slower and can’t get his claws up as fast as he used to. While working for Uber and playing happy family with Charles Xavier and Caliban, a young mutant who needs their help crosses their path.

Who’s in it?

Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Steven Merchant, Agent Murphy from Narcos and some awesome girl as X-23.

Why should I watch it?

+ This definitely isn’t your standard X-Men movie
+ Theres is a fuck load of blood, mutilation and swearing (and some boobs)
+ The action scenes are incredibly brutal, you’ve never seen a Wolverine berserker mode like this before
+ You see more metal going through heads than an entire season of The Walking Dead
+ Kinda weird to hear Professor X swearing but you get used to it and it fits this world
+ Also doesn’t feel like an X-Men movie because of the deeper and darker tones
+ Logan has given up, he’s not as OP as he used to and doesn’t wanna help people anymore
+ Charles, who has the most powerful mind in the world, now has a degenerative brain disease
+ Fucking sad seeing them that old and that vulnerable
+ But it adds an interesting take on their characters
+ The movie humanises mutants, ironically enough
+ This also give them more to work with, acting wise
+ Both performances were incredible, Jackman in particular
+ The dialogue between Charles and Logan was great, good to see Charles not taking any shit from Logan
+ Thought the kid was amazing
+ She’s a bit like Eleven with her angry death stare and appetite and Hit Girl with her fighting skills minus her colourful language
+ She’s quiet and can be friendly but if you come at her, she will fuck you up
+ Liked the relationship between Laura and Logan
+ Deals with the theme of family
+ Very Last of Us vibe, along with the road trip mission
+ Even though the movie is dark, it still manages to be funny at the right times
+ Final boss was pretty damn scary
+ Has a bit of a Terminator Genisys kinda vibe
+ You’ll know what I mean when you see it

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– That’s a fucking long train
– Feels weird that X-Men comic books and toy figures exist in this universe
– Wanted more bonding scenes between Logan and Laura
– Logan is kinda a dick
– He’s not gonna win father of the year, for sure
– So… they basically got that nice family killed, right?
– But hey, at least that kid finally got a trophy for first place
– First at getting his arse murdered
– Still no wall stopping Mexican children from crossing the border? Trump’s nightmare right here
– He probably would’ve sent Logan’s consciousness back in 1973 to change the timeline

Anything else?

Been excited about this movie since the trailer came out (one of the best trailers I’ve seen) and it fucking lived up to the hype. It’s a gritty human story that is both emotional and entertaining. You seriously wouldn’t believe that an X-Men movie could have you tearing up. Comic or non-comic fan, go fucking see it.


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25 thoughts on “Logan (2017)

  1. I’m excited to see Logan, since this is supposedly Wolverine’s last turn on the big screen (though Hollywood is known to be fickle). He has led pretty much every X-Men movie there is, so I’m curious to see where the franchise goes from here.

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  2. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Logan. I’m glad the X-Men are going in a different direction and especially that the Wolverine films are actually good now. Even if it took this long. Really good review!

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  3. Good review. I loved this movie. Logan was the perfect film to sendoff both Jackman and the character of Wolverine. Plus. it helped that Stewart and Keen were excellent in the movie.

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  4. A 9/10? I don’t usually do it but I gave it a 5/5. I mean come on, I was in a theatre filled with a bunch of dudes and there was no one noooot crying. As usual, I love your review though, esp the Trump nightmare thing HAHA

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  5. ” Soโ€ฆ they basically got that nice family killed, right?”

    ^That was my least favorite thing about this entire movie. I was worried “Shit, what if they come after this family” and then they all died and I was like “oh Goddammit”. It was just a little MUCH, in my opinion. It made sense and all, and it wasn’t that big of a detractor, but it was not something I enjoyed.

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    1. Ahaha I was like “Ummm Charles, aren’t the bad guys after you?” But hey, at least that kid finally got a trophy for first place. First at getting his arse murdered.

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