La La Land (2016)

“This is the dream! It’s conflict and it’s compromise, and it’s very, very exciting!”

What’s it about?

Two aspiring artists fall in love. With modern day Los Angeles as the backdrop, their relationship is tested when they’re growing careers begin to thrust them in opposite directions.

Who’s in it?

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

Why should I watch it?

+ It’s from the director of Whiplash, Damien Chazelle
+ If you like jazz
+ Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone
+ They had great chemistry which made their relationship real and believable
+ It elevated the movie as it would not be the same if it were any other two here
+ Their ambition made them relatable characters
+ Gosling can definitely sing and dance
+ As Sebastian, he was oozing charm and had great screen presence
+ Stone, surprisingly, can also sing
+ This was really her movie, however, as Mia
+ She was a very deep character, showing the emotion in her ambition, being beaten down but still keeping her dream alive
+ It’s a musical, yes, but not one of those annoying ones where characters just randomly sing
+ All the music was catchy, most notably “City of Stars” and “Audition”
+ The musical numbers were weaved organically into the story
+ They were big, well shot, visual spectacles, full of colour, and fun choreography
+ The best of those had to be one featuring an observatory and another sequence near the end
+ It was one of the most moving sequences in a long time
+ They were fun to watch but they ultimately were secondary to Sebastian and Mia’s story.
+ It was a love letter to classic Hollywood movies
+ Its style and score remind us of old Hollywood even though it took place in modern day Los Angeles
+ J.K. Simmons and John Legend were great in smaller roles

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– If you don’t like musicals
– The musical numbers may be too much for some
– If you don’t like jazz
– If you’re already successful

Anything else?

Musical or not, movies like this don’t come along very often. It is an experience like no other with memorable music and a style reminiscent of the great movies of the past. You can’t help but to feel good after watching it. It has been getting a lot of deserved awards buzz. I would not be surprised if it ended up with awards. This is my favourite movie of 2016 (at least in Canada).


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8 thoughts on “La La Land (2016)

  1. This comes out for me in a few weeks, definitely checking it out now I’ve read your review! I was umming and ahhing but now I am definitely booking my tickets for this! Great thoughts!

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