Southpaw (2015)

“A fighter knows only one way to work.”

What’s it about?

Boxer Billy is on top as the worlds greatest boxing champion until in a split second, everything is ripped from underneath him when his wife is killed in a confrontation at a charity gala. After losing his wife and ending up in a downward spiral that costs him everything, Billy turns to trainer Tick Wills for help in turning his life around and get his daughter back from child protection.

Who’s in it?

The incredible Jake Gyllenhaal and insanely beautiful and talented Rachel McAdams. We also see great performances from Forest Whitaker and 50 cent. Not forgetting Oona Laurence as Billy and Mo’s daughter Leila.

Why should I watch it?

+ This film is beautifully shot, from capturing the details of the fight sequences to the heart-felt Hope family scenes
+ Absolutely incredible performances by Gyllenhaal, McAdams and Whitaker
+Gyllenhaal’s performance is SO impressive, he does the best with what he is given, which is minimal, and turns a two-dimensional character into a three-dimensional character
+ Witnessing the transformation of Gyllenhaal is really quite impressive
+ Wonderful performance by Oona Laurence
+ It’s good if you fancy watching a real tear jerker
+ The make-up work is impressive and deserves recognition

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– Bit of a cliche! Making the narrative somewhat predictable
– The narrative is so dragged out that the film looses momentum and ends up seeming like a never ending montage of self destruction at some points
– 50 Cent’s performance leaves a lot to be desired
– That massive cliché of “the manager that can’t be trusted” is coupled with a pretty emotionless and bland performance
– The sub-plot following the young boy from the gym is clunky and seems pointless as it fails to relate to much of the rest of the plot
– Although marketed as a boxing film the narrative seem pretty confused
– It goes from boxing film to melodrama and back to boxing film again

Anything else?

The thing about Southpaw is that there are many flaws within the narrative and script writing. What seemed promising loses it’s depth and meaning very quickly as it succumbs to stereotypes formed by its predecessors such as ‘Rocky’ and prioritises the over dramatic.
Having said all this though, I do think it’s still worth a watch, just perhaps take it at viewing pleasure as there are some moments that are really great to watch. Most of all, I would say it is worth it for Gyllenhaal’s transformation and performance. For me, this really is the highlight of this film and worth taking note of.



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9 thoughts on “Southpaw (2015)

  1. I saw this movie and I thought it had too many brutal scenes, meaning poor Jake getting beat up. Like other boxing films, however, it makes you root for him and yes, it is a bit of a cliche.

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