Lights Out (2016)

“I’m gonna tell you something that nobody ever told me, I believe you.”

What’s it about?

A brother and sister gets haunted by an entity from their mother’s past and learn that, unlike when you’re dying, you should definitely go towards the light.

Who’s in it?

Teresa Palmer, a kid who needs more sleep than Al Pacino in the appropriately titled film, Insomnia, and the poorly mother who’s worried about her children in Prisoners as a poorly mother who’s worried about her children.

Why should I watch it?

+ Based on a short film, go see it if you haven’t yet, it’s good
+ The concept of this movie is amazing
+ It’s literally a fight between light and darkness
+ The entity’s powers creates this scary and tension-filled atmosphere
+ Strong opening scene, most horror these days start slow with a bit of tease of the ghost but this one gives it up on the first date
+ Also good to see a horror that doesn’t start with moving in a brand new house
+ Kid isn’t annoying, he’s pretty good
+ Brett is such a cool dude, guy wears clothing made from 100% boyfriend material
+ She really needs to lock this guy down, the guy’s willing to do anything just to stay the night
+ Shit loads of unresolved abandonment issues going around
+ Even the entity has it, n’awwwww
+ Diana really does not know how to share, does she?
+ The mother’s relationship with the entity was abusive as fuck
+ I mean, she might as well be going out with Johnny Depp
+ Sweet and short film
+ Been very vocal about my hatred of  the “fighting the ghost” part in horror movies but it kinda makes sense in this one
+ There’s a clear way of destroying her
+ Much more complelling than compelling them with the power of Christ, I’m looking at you, The Conjuring
+ Or actually getting into fisticuffs with them and using a push force or some shit? I’m looking at you, Insidious
+ Cool how they had the girl from the original for a cameo
+ Oh, she’s the director’s wife? Okay, that makes sense
+ A basement full of mannequins? For fuck’s sake
+ Wait, is the ghost a metaphor for depression and mental illness?

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– Storytelling is pretty fucking lazy
– It’s pretty much just the characters telling you the full story by telling it to someone else in the movie
– It’s a bit like someone presenting and just reading everything out of the powerpoint presentation word for word #PowerPointKaraoke
– Some parts aren’t explained too, so you just kinda fill them in
– Is someone teaching all these ghosts how to turn lights off without using the switch?
–  Really? You have a fucking blacklight in your basement but you don’t have more candles?
– I’d be lighting that shit up like I’m surprising someone with a romantic gesture
– Why are cops always seem to be dumb as fuck in movies? Just don’t seem to listen
– Can’t wait for the sequel where Brett has to fight off another ghost just to get her to say yes to marriage or some shit

Anything else?

Think I found this scarier than most people because that dark silhouette kinda brought back repressed memories of when I used to suffer from sleep paralysis. Seeing this shadowy figure coming at you and all you can do is shut your eyes and scream internally. Shit’s not fun.

But yeah, this movie joins the likes of The Conjuring 2, Hush and Don’t Breathe in what has been a pretty solid year for horror. It’ll definitely make your electricity bills go all the way up.


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24 thoughts on “Lights Out (2016)

  1. Nice, very brief watch. Felt like it needed 10-15 minutes more minutes to be fleshed out, but a quick runtime is good to have sometimes.

    Has been a good year for small budget horror/thriller this year with The Conjuring 2, The Shallows, this, Don’t Breathe, The Purge: Election Year, and 10 Cloverfield Lane.

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  2. Cool review! I’m so scared to watch this movie. I also have had VERY bad experiences with sleep paralysis and sleep hallucinations, mainly during my Uni years. It’s rough. It’s what I thought of when I watched the short movie. I think I’ll give it a go, though.

    Watched Eli Roth’s ‘Clown’ last night. That was some scury shit.

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    1. Thanks! No way, I had it like first year of uni. I think it’s all the takeaways and big bottles of strongbow aha yeah just sleep with the lights on for like a couple of days, that should sort it.
      Just saw the trailer for that, looks interesting. Especially with the killer clown craze these days.

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  3. “+ Brett is such a cool dude, guy wears clothing made from 100% boyfriend material”

    Word, Diego. Brett was such a solid dude, we need more Bretts in our horror films, Hollywood!

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  4. I also suffered from sleep paralysis and it definitely is not fun. I haven’t had it happen in a while, but it comes and goes for me. The movie sounds intriguing. I like scary movies;)

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      1. I honestly haven’t been able to pin point it. It has been happening to me ever since I can remember. People tell me all the time that sleeping on your back can trigger it, but I have gotten sleep paralysis sleeping on my side and stomach, so that is not it for me. Any triggers for you?

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      2. Well it happened more frequently during uni so I thought it was drinking and unhealthy eating but it has happened again on occasions so I’m not really sure aha yeah I’ve gotten it sleeping on sides and stomach too, it’s annoying not knowing what causes it, right?

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