Imperium (2016)

“You know what they say, it all begins with the word.”

What’s it about?

An FBI agent goes undercover in a white supremacy gang to uncover plans involving a dirty bomb.

Who’s in it?

Daniel Radcliffe, Toni Collette and the Mayor of Gotham in The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Why should I watch it?

+ Daniel Radcliffe gave an incredible performance
+ Noticed how I stopped calling him Harry Potter now?
+ He’s shaken off that image with this and Swiss Army Man faster than Taylor Swift did Hiddleston
+ Sorry, Tom
+ Completely transforms into this skinhead
+ He does his homework and he’s very quick on his feet
+ Being undercover creates some crazy tense moments
+ Edge of your seat stuff, especially the scene with the interacial couple and the climax of the movie
+ Trying to avoid conflict while actively trying not to give yourself away is not an easy task
+ Really like how he shares the same conviction with the Nazis but with the complete opposite belief, if that makes sense
+ Like they both wanna make the world a better place, but have two different ways of going about it
+ Interesting psychology involved within these hate groups
+ And to see different branches of white supremacy
+ Some are just in it to fuck around while others actually want to do something more serious
+ It kinda humanises Nazis in a way, like how can this guy who seems normal enough and you can relate with but have a fucked up mentality?
+ Good twist
+ Subject matter is pretty relevant, unfortunately
+ Those news reels showing how often this stuff actually happens is damn frightening
+ Nice twist on the Hitler quote

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– Small mindedness is my least favourite thing
– This mentality of “I’m better than someone else” really pisses me off
– Mud race? Jesus man
– Fucking sad how human it is to dehumanise people
– Even sadder to see those poor kids growing up in that kind of environment
– Is it wrong to think those Nazi cupcakes looked delicious?
– Seriously, diversity is a good thing
–  Imagine going to Baskin Robbins and all they have is vanilla ice cream? How fucking dull would that be?
– Plus all these hate groups, Nazis or ISIS, probably have more in common than they think
– I mean, they’re all willing to leave their families to die for the cause and they’re all filled to the brim with hatred
– That’s a 2 hour conversation, at least

Anything else?

Oh yeah, so there’s a small town in Germany who are fed up of Nazis marching through their town so they came up with a brilliant idea called Nazis against Nazis. It’s one of those ideas you wish you came up with. Check it out:


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