The Magnificent Seven (2016)

“I seek righteousness, as should we all. But I’ll take revenge.”

What’s it about?

To protect their land from some evil rich guy, the townspeople hires a bounty hunter, a Chris Pratt that trust Mexicans just as much as Trump does, a Mexican dude, Native Indian Legolas, a bear wearing people’s clothes, a guy who’s good with knives and a guy with PTSD.

Who’s in it?

Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, Wilson Fisk with Matt Murdoch’s catholicism, Haley Bennett and that ninja dude from RED and G.I. Joe as a ninja dude.

Why should I watch it?

+ Great cast, filled with solid actors, really diverse too
+ Denzel plays a mild mannered badass with a heart
+ So just Denzel being Denzel pretty much
+ Pratt plays a sly but funny and charming guy
+ So just Pratt being Pratt pretty much
+ Byung-hun Lee as Billy is probably my favourite
+ I mean this guy brings a knife to a gunfight
+ D’Onofrio as a soft spoken but hard hitting guy (Actually still unsure if I liked him or not but I’ll leave it here for now)
+ Hawke’s PTSD angle is a good addition, could’ve fleshed it out even further though
+ Also a big fan of Haley Bennett’s character
+ Strong and tough female in a time where they aren’t taken seriously
+ Liked that they didn’t add a romance with Pratt’s character, really thought they were gonna add it
+ Funny interactions/dialogue between the seven
+ Very laddy conversations though
+ Bad guy does a great job making you dislike him, he’s a piece of work
+ The action is awesome and surprisingly violent
+ Seriously, how is this a PG 13? There’s bits of people flying around
+ Tense stand offs and entertaining shootouts
+ Especially the final battle, it’s long but it’s pretty epic
+ A little Training Day reunion

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– Those boobs are quite distracting sometimes
– Casual sexism and racism
– We only really know three of the seven, the rest get no development
– I’m done with this whole “I’m gonna make you guys think I’m leaving but I’m actually gonna make a dramatic entrance when you need me the most because it enhances the third act in this movie” shit
– Reasons why some people join the team were pretty weak
– “Hey guys, can I be in this movie too?”
– “Well, the title does say Seven, right?”
– Also didn’t totally buy the reason some of the seven were willing to die for the cause
– Not enough interactions within the group, would’ve loved to have seen more
– Those poor horses man

Anything else?

Haven’t seen the original remake or the original original so the ending of the movie kinda caught me off guard. Not a perfect movie but still a whole lotta fun. I’d say go see it. Are Western movies cool again? Anyway, I’m off to play some Red Dead Redemption.


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18 thoughts on “The Magnificent Seven (2016)

  1. Nice review. Personally, I liked this movie. Sure, there was some problems with it, but it was a Western movie (something a bit different from 2016’s movie lineup) and the cast was a likeable and solid one. The movie aimed to speak to a “modern audience”, which it did.

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  2. ‘are Westerns cool again’ – they have ALWAYS been cool and always will be cool! Kind of like Paul McCartney. I answered your award Q’s on my blog and opened up the floor with some more.. I’d like to see you tackle my questions in the comments section.. if you dare..

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