Hello, My Name is Doris (2015)

“I’m possible.”

What’s it about?

A lady falls hard for a younger co-worker and figures that the best way to get him to reciprocate the feeling is by being someone you’re not.

Who’s in it?

Sally Field, Schmidt from New Girl, Nicky from Orange is the New Black and one of the 2 Broke Girls.

Why should I watch it?

+ Sally Field was absolutely incredible, she looks great for nearly 70 as well
+ She really carries the movie on her back
+ Playing a sweet, innocent pencil thief with a colourful dress sense
+ Basically like an older Zooey Deschanel
+ Who daydreams as much as JD from Scrubs, which makes for some laugh out loud moments
+ Some of the stuff she does should be creepy and borderline stalker territory, but her character comes across as harmless and generally means well
+ It’s like you let those things slide because you’re actually rooting for her and want her to have some advantage to get the guy
+ Really nail the dramatic moments too, making you feel sorry for her character
+ Had a bit of The Judge vibe on their family problems
+Tragic past filled with sacrifices and resentment
+ Funny interactions with teenage girl about slangs and social media
+ Sally Field dance scene, she was cutting all kinds of shapes out there
+ Nice to see Schmidt in more films, he’s a really likeable dude
+ Clocked a couple of Youtubers too, that Anna Akana chick and that dude from The Online Gamer videos
+ Soft jab towards hipsters
+ Has themes of finding yourself and letting go
+ Ending similar to the final ep of Scrubs (Season 9 doesn’t exist)

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– Few moments where watching Doris gets (and I fucking hate using this word) cringey
– You’ll keep thinking, “Stop Doris, What are you doing man?!”
– Catfishing isn’t cool
– Don’t drink and internet
– Fist bump confusion is hilarious…
– The first ten times I’ve seen it

Anything else?

There are rarely any films where an older lady goes after a younger guy, it’s normally the reverse, so this one was pretty refreshing to see. Like Doris, the film is sweet and charming. Hello, My Name is Doris is a baller, straight up.


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11 thoughts on “Hello, My Name is Doris (2015)

    1. More like Sally “knocks it out of the” Field. (Man, that joke would’ve been better if her last name was Park). Really enjoyed it and I hope you do too!

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