Sing Street (2016)

“Your problem is that you’re not happy being sad. But that’s what love is, Cosmo. Happy-sad.”

What’s it about?

After the chat up line, “I’m in a band.” works on an older girl, this guy now actually has to create his own band so that he can keep hanging out with her.

Who’s in it?

A bunch of kids you’ve never heard of but will hear more of, Littlefinger and a guy who can be described as a love child of Seth Rogen and James Franco from Pineapple Express.

Why should I watch it?

+ Great acting from the kids, the dialogue between them felt real
+ Amazing sountrack, both 80’s classic and original songs
+ To Find You is a fucking beautiful song
+ Like watching how they create the songs, the creative process of writing lyrics and finding the right music to accompany it
+ Evolution of their music and their outfits
+ Good point, why shouldn’t men be allowed to wear make up? Do your thing man
+ Romantic story that we can all get behind, filled with honest and sweet moments
+ Moments like trying to kiss her while she’s eating and stuff
+ It’s funny and endearing
+ Really loved the girl as a character
+ At first she’s all mysterious and confident but underneath that make up, there’s a vulnerable girl that you just wanna hug and tell her it’s gonna be okay
+ Much like the main kid in this movie, you’ll be talking a lot about his brother too
+ Recognised him from a Transformers film but he really shined here
+ He’s a bit like what Phil Jackson was to Michael Jackson #TriangleBitch
+ The way he deals with that bully was just awesome, the guy broke him down
+ Even the bully got a quick backstory and character arc
+ Anyone else think that he looks like the guy from the Rockstar game, Bully? Anyone else used play that? Such a good game
+ Funny how accents disappear while singing, right?
+ Massive nostalgia if you’re a children of the 80’s, I’d imagine
+ There’s some shades of dark undertones scattered throughout as well, some really dark things
+ Like the message of taking risks, even if people mock you
+ Finding your vocation to get away from all your troubles

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– So, the best love stories are based on a lie?
– And it takes trying to impress a girl to try be something more?
– Maybe girls do run the world
– Wanted more Littlefinger, wanna see plots of betrayal and deception
– Remember those time where you actually had to knock at your friends door to see if they’re about or not?
– Gotta love the smell of casual racism back then, right?
– Oh yeah, and teachers/priest were allowed to beat the shit out kids if they get out of line
– Holy shit, that one priest does not fuck around
– But hey, at least they don’t molest kids, right?
– Oh wait…
– Really hope things work out for those two but I can’t help being a little pessimistic man, was it just me?

Anything else?

This really wasn’t on the top of my watch list but decided to give it a go and I’m so glad I did. Seriously, drop everything and go see this movie. It’s the perfect mixture of coming-of-age, music, romance and brotherhood. It’ll make you feel good, warm your heart and have you smiling throughout.


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