Me Before You (2016)

“Just live well. Just live.”

What’s it about?

A girl lands a job of looking after a quadriplegic guy, touching on the power to love and the power to live.

Who’s in it?

The Mother of Dragons, Finnick Odair, Tywin Lannister and a Neville Longbottom who’s been wearing less and going out more.

Why should I watch it?

+ Like how it isn’t about a girl changing the life of a guy in a wheelchair but the opposite
+ Does share a few similarities with another film I’ve seen recently about another dude in a wheelchair, The Fundamentals of Caring
+ Emilia Clarke plays someone with very different personality than her Game of Thrones counterpart
+ She’s bubbly, energetic, caring and straight up adorable
+ Seriously, she’s so lovable, great smile too
+ Her character could’ve come across as annoying, like that chick from Happy-Go-Lucky but doesn’t
+ Her eyebrows look like they’re having a dance off against each other
+ Also, she nailed the dramatic scenes for the most part
+ She’ll definitely have some people reaching for a tissue
+ But probably in a different way than she does in Game of Thrones
+ Sam Claflin’s character was the complete opposite, very bitter and sarcastic
+ Bought the relationship/chemistry between the two leads
+ Made me laugh more than I thought it would, well done movie
+ Dinner scene and wedding scene were cute, it does what it’s supposed to do
+ Ed Sheeran soundtracks fits in well
+ Tackles serious issues and heavy themes that will get people debating
+ Even if they agree or disagree with the movie, at least people are talking about it, which is a good thing

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– Every film I’ve seen recently with a handicapped guy seem to make the same joke when they first meet their new carers
– A LOT of clichΓ©s
– Making the boyfriend not very thoughtful of her etc
– And oh, a fucking runner
– Just to really hammer home the contrast between these two dudes
– If you think about it, we’re just watching and cheering on for this girl to cheat on her boyfriend and fall in love with another man
– Even Stevie Wonder can see how this story will unravel
– Okay, imagine in your head how you think this story will go
– Yup, that’s exactly how
– Doesn’t address the serious issues deeper than I wanted it to
– Zero drops of tears from this reviewer

Anything else?


Right, I know it’s a sensitive topic but here’s my take on it. (uh-oh)

There’s a big debate in the movie and reaction to the movie revolving around euthanasia. I get why the disabled community are angry, I really do. There’s not a lot of films that represent them and then we get this film where the main guy decides to kill himself. But there’s context.

I think a lot of people are missing the fact (probably because the movie downplays it a little bit) that the guy wakes up in pain every fucking day, not just being stuck in a chair after being a hot shot. People are also saying that his life isn’t bad because he’s rich but remember, money isn’t everything.Β Don’t think they’re saying that if you’re in a wheelchair, you’re life isn’t worth it.Β It’s just a personal preference man, everyone is different and should be treated case by case. Also if you think about it, they’re forcing him to suffer, wouldn’t that make them the selfish ones? And would’ve changing his mind be emotional blackmail? Just a couple of thoughts.


Feel free to drop any angry comments directed towards me below. Cheers.


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36 thoughts on “Me Before You (2016)

  1. I read the book, which brought down waterworks. I will have to see this movie although I also read in an article months ago that the movie excluded a certain theme that would have set a more serious tone and not be treated appropriately because of the relatively short length of the movie.

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    1. Ahh okay, I get that. Would’ve loved to see what they could have explored with a much more serious tone though. Let me know what you think! Be interesting to see how the film/book differs and any good and bad changes.

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      1. One of the big differences is she was raped when she had gone through that maze and that’s why she started wearing funky clothes too. Her outlook in life changed that fateful moment. Feel free to delete this comment if you feel it can be a spoiler.

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  2. I actually liked this movie, and though I only shed maybe a tear as opposed to the torrential storm I shed for The Fault in Our Stars, it’s still a pretty good chic flick. Yes it’s cliche but I think that was what was so charming about it. I especially loved the protagonists, and anyway her boyfriend was an a-hole :p

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    1. Ahaha his with her at the end was pretty surprising actually, I thought he’d be more of a dick about it. I still enjoyed it for what it was πŸ˜€


    2. F*** The Fault in Our Stars! That movie was just too sad to be sad in most scenes. Like I literally couldn’t watch it because I was crying so much. This movie seemed lighter, and I didn’t have to hold tissues to my eyeballs in order to watch it. I’m all for exposing real life situations, but even in this crazy world, there is a silver lining more then not or we’d all want to give up.

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  3. Good review. I for one am not a romantic movie kind of guy (give me action or animated movie any day), but I did like Me Before You. I actually did read the book prior to seeing the movie and there are a couple of differences here and there that were altered or taken out from the film. Plus, I loved all the actors in this movie (Clarke, Claflin, Coleman, etc.) In short, Me Before You wasn’t the absolute “all-time” romance movie, but its definitely better than the run-of-the-mill Nicholas Sparks movie that Hollywood is churn out.

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    1. Aha I’m intrigued, what made you watch this movie or even read the book in the first place? If you’re not a rom com dude. The main leads were definitely likable.

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      1. Well, I work in a bookstore, so with any movie release that’s based on a book, they usually release a movie tie-in cover and try to hype up the book and movie. Plus, I usually try to read the book before seeing the movie. Also, I love Emilia Clarke.

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      2. I wouldn’t say it would open up more doors, but I branch a bit. I mean I saw Me Before You and The Age of Adaline and then going to see The Light Between Oceans when it comes out.

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  4. Preach it, brother!! Cool review, I think we’re in strong agreement on this. Any movie that touches on a topic that has some serious socio/political background is one which is going to offend some people and not offend others. We wouldn’t speak for those who are in the same kind of position as Sam Claflin’s character, but you’re very right in saying this is contextual.

    And I think what’s most important is – THIS MOVIE IS NOT trying to make a point about euthanasia in general. It’s a key backdrop and setting for the narrative, but they’re solely focussing on this romance. And Daenerys’ eyebrows. And the euthanasia topic is the obstacle of this particular romance. Every romcom needs an obstacle: the fact the ship sinks in ‘Titanic’. The fact he’s a ghost in ‘Ghost’. The fact Hubbel is a knobhead in ‘The Way We Were’. The obstacle in this is euthanasia. If this film would have focussed more on euthanasia as a debate – it may have been more up my street, and more cause for argument, but instead it’s just a romcom about a couple. I didn’t cry, but I certainly didn’t dislike this movie. I think that’s solely down to Emilia Clarke, man. … Am I still talking?

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    1. Can I get an amen? aha Dude, all of that ^ Yes! Great breakdown. Would’ve loved a deeper exploration of the whole euthanasia thing as well. Glad you agree, knew there was something about you I liked.

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  5. Hey Diego, I just finished the book after my mom picked it up. Haven’t seen the movie but I agree with you on a lot of the points for the movie review. I didn’t like how Lou framed Patrick. It was too easy for the reader to see him as jerk, when I sorta disagree. It would have been more nuanced if Pat was a likable guy. I didn’t have a problem at all with the ending, though, as far as the euthanasia stuff goes. Anyway, good stuff!

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    1. Yeah making him likeable would’ve been better, like they did for Like Crazy. You gonna watch the movie? Thanks for dropping by man!


      1. Yeah I just might. Just for kicks, lol. I usually don’t read this kind of stuff but I do like personal relationship stories.

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  6. I read the book and thought it was pretty good. I saw a lot of people are upset about the whole euthanasia thing. If people actually read the book and understood its’ context then they would see that disabled people aren’t being shunned or that they are being made out to be inferior to the rest of us. I will probably only see the movie on DVD, not too rushed about it, but it seems they chose a great cast for the film!

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    1. Yeah I hear there’s a lot more darker things in the book? Totally agree with you man! I get why they would feel that way but context is key.


  7. I reviewed this movie too! I had mixed feelings about the portrayal but thought the movie was still cute for the most part. Great post! I really like your review style 😊

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