Warm Bodies (2013)

“…They’ll eat anything with a heartbeat. I mean…I will too but at least I’m conflicted about it.”

What’s it about?

Cliché to death. Literally. Zombie apocalypse. Check. Zombies everywhere. Check. Last surviving humans living in a confined community, trying to well…survive. Check. Check. Check. *yawn…we’ve seen this all before*
Oh wait. The main character is a zombie. And he falls in love with a human. *cue taking it all back and standing corrected.*

Who’s in it?

The cute kid from About A Boy, the cute girl from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, James Franco Jnr. and how it can be seriously messed up Being John Malkovich.

Why should I watch it?

+ Did I mention the protagonist is an undead zombie?
+ So yeah. This movie takes the entire zombie genre and turns it on it’s head
+ New, interesting take on a zombie apocalypse premise
+ Very witty, sarcastic opening monologue
+ Even more funny and insightful voice-overs throughout
+ Nice oldie/indie soundtrack
+ Really gets you into vinyls and phonographs. Do those even exist anymore?
+ Writing isn’t Aaron Sorkin or whatever but it’s pretty good
+ Smart-ish. Self-aware. Even parodies itself.
+ Balances comedy and drama well
+ Nicholas Holt does a good job never lapsing out of character
+ Cool themes about how as far as there’s life there’s hope
+ Well not ‘life’ like alive. But ‘life’ like…
+ You get what I mean!
+ Also the theme about connecting to another as a human being
+ Doesn’t try to be too ambitious with it’s simple love story
+ Shows how compassion can be found in the most improbable of places if only given a chance
+ Revelation/climax between humans and zombies
+ Feel-good ending montage

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– Like…we get it already. It’s basically Romeo and Juliet with zombies
– Sheesh. Even his name is ‘R’ and her name is ‘Julie’
– There’s a freaking balcony scene. ENOUGH!
– It’s just plain weird to see zombies talking, man
– Really defeats the concept of ‘zombie.’
– Sorry, but that redundant Pretty Woman-esque makeover scene…nope.
– Actor + Makeup = Zombie + Bath + Makeup = Disguise Human (???)
– Pretty much weak sauce when it comes to being thrilling or scary. Given this is a movie with zombies in it
– Just goes against all ethics of zombie cinema

Anything else?

The movie isn’t perfect. Infact, it can seem so ridiculous at times. Anybody who’s seen an episode of The Walking Dead will tell you how laughable the idea of zombies getting all touchy-feely is. I mean, walker with a heart of gold? Good luck explaining that to Rick Grimes.
For what it really is though: a story about the most unlikely of relationships between two well-realized characters, with expedient moral messages about what it is to be human, the movie’s pretty great.
The next time you feel depressed enough to want to rewatch Twilight…give this a go instead.


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18 thoughts on “Warm Bodies (2013)

  1. Mmm… I have to disagree with you guys. I honestly hated this movie. I was surprised you gave it such a high rating. While it is no Twilight, I wouldn’t have given it a 7. Zombies are not meant to be in romances. Thanks for the interesting take on it though

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I understand you and I did admit it was ridiculous at some points regarding the sappy zombies and all…but it does deserve it’s score, no? It has a better love story than Twilight to say the least. 😊 Thanks for the compliment!


      1. Maybe I just didn’t get the film. Being better than Twilight is unfortunately not much of an accomplishment hehe, but yes… it is better


  2. Nice review! I have to say, zombie/vampire “heart throbs” are a pet hate of mine. This is a very diplomatic approach to a film I haven’t yet seen but might. Or might not, I haven’t decided yet!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It was a fun twist on the romantic movie formula. Also, John Malkovich as an overprotective dad!

    And vinyl evidently IS a thing. I had to buy my son a record player for Christmas, which amused this mom with all her old vinyl records in crates in storage.

    Liked by 1 person

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