Swiss Army Man (2016)

“If you don’t know Jurassic Park, you don’t know shit.”

What’s it about?

A man stranded in the wilderness meets a magical corpse and then go together on a journey to get back home.

Who’s in it?

Paul Dano, Harry Potter, and the girl from 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Why should I watch it?

+ This is one of the most original movies in a long time
+ The beach/forest settings are beautifully shot
+ You’re into farting and dick jokes
+ You don’t hide your farts in front of your friends
+ Harry Potter is a corpse and not just any corpse but a magical one
+ His abilities were very useful to Hank
+ They were very inventive and well done
+ Radcliffe’s physical performance involving being ragdolled and/or riding on Dano’s back the whole movie
+ Dano’s performance, both physically for carrying and manipulating Radcliffe the whole movie and for being the sole driving force of the plot
+ Manny’s child-like nature made his interactions with Hank both cute and highly inappropriate
+ Hank and Manny have great chemistry
+ Watching a person who may or may not be dead learn about what it really means to be alive
+ Hank and Manny’s deep, existential conversations about life and love
+ Seeing Hank trying to recreate Manny’s memories in an imaginative way to try and help him remember his past life
+ Manny’s free spirit contrasted well with Hank’s vulnerability
+ The great acapella soundtrack
+ Has one of the greatest endings in a long time

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– You don’t have an open mind
– You’re not an outdoors person
– You’re not a fan of Jurassic Park
– You’re not into farting and dick jokes
– You hide your farts from your friends
– You have mommy issues
– You don’t know how to speak to women
– You’re shy

Anything else?

While the movie is a little low-brow when it comes to the farting and dick jokes, it’s so much more. Just be patient as you’ve probably never seen anything like this before or will again in a long time. The film has a great message about friendship and what it means to be alive.


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7 thoughts on “Swiss Army Man (2016)

  1. I don’t know about this movie. Everyone is giving this movie good scores, but (to me) it looks pretty stupid. Maybe its just me, but I don’t see the appeal.

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  2. Great review Keith! I’m excited to see this, I like a movie that really splits the audience in half! Not for prudes, that’s for sure. I have a feeling I’ll like it. But then again, who knows!

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