Jason Bourne (2016)

“Remembering everything doesn’t mean you know everything.”

What’s it about?

Jason Bourne comes out of hiding once he is confronted with information about his past.

Who’s in it?

Not Jeremy Renner, Ava, and a grumpy Tommy Lee Jones.

Why should I watch it?

+ We get to see Matt Damon as Bourne again
+ Even after 9 years, he still has it
+ Learning about Bourne’s past was interesting
+ The action scenes were fun to watch and well done, from the fight choreography to the cinematography
+ An epic, fast-paced car chase through the streets of Las Vegas featuring lots of destruction
+ Vikander’s cyber expert, Heather Lee, was a great addition and had great chemistry with Damon
+ Jones brought his presence and pedigree which added to the role of CIA director Robert Dewey
+ He was a fun foil for Bourne thanks to his imposing nature
+ The battle between the ways of the past and the ways of the future
+ A promising subplot on government surveillance

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– Bourne’s past was interesting but they had to save some stuff for the next inevitable film(s)
– Bourne was fun to watch but besides him, there wasn’t really much here
– The other characters were nice additions but they were never developed enough
– Because of this, the battle of past vs. future could have been more exciting but there wasn’t anything to connect both sides
– Also, we never never really got a sense of character’s true intentions or motivations
– The subplots were kind of fun but the film could have gone much further with all of them
– The best was Bourne and his adversary, known only as Asset
– Their battles were fun but the film hinted at a past history which was never explored
– Scenes without Bourne and Asset weren’t as exciting

Anything else?

It was definitely nice to see Damon as Bourne once again and that he can still handle himself with the action and other various spy stuff. The film introduced some interesting characters, played by decent actors but didn’t really offer much else story-wise.


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