The Conjuring 2 (2016)

“Promise me, Ed.”

What’s it about?

Takes the Warren’s to Enfield, London to deal with a family experiencing poltergeist activities from a very mean spirit.

Who’s in it?

Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, an entity who yells “Get out!” more than a guy who’s anti-immigrant and a bunch of kids, including a Emily Brown lookalike and King’s Speech Jr.

Why should I watch it?

+ Like last time, they intro us with one case before going to the main one
+ But both stories are better intertwined in this one
+ James Wan is the master of building up tension and suspense, some with no pay off which makes it more unpredictable and keeps you locked in
+ Bit of an Insidious flavour added in, with the out of body stuff
+ Camera work is excelent, the tracking shots around the house and a Blair Witch Project-esque shot
+ Kid playing Janet was great, felt so sorry for her, this ghost is a real bully man
+ Bill’s very possessive, both in terms of possessing the girl and not wanting to share his house
+ He’s a real dick man, want them to leave but still attacks them when they do
+ Never seen an entity with so much confidence, scaring people when it’s light outside and scaring everyone indiscriminately
+ “Sunlight? Fuck your sunlight? Oh, you bringing the police? I don’t give a fuck, bring their whole family over too if you want.” – Bill, 1977
+ The nun was the star of this movie, like Annabelle was on the first
+ It’s rare to find a horror movie with a love story you can get behind with
+ It ends different from typical horrors, which tend to end on a jump scare
+ Funny too, not laugh out loud funny, more “Ha!” funny
+ Undertones of believing in people and God
+ But unlike the first one, it doesn’t preach about God all up in your face
+ Cameo from the doll that scared me more than when I first watched Chucky
+ Awesome soundtrack including London Calling and I Started a Joke
+ Great way of keeping people to watch the end credits, well done TC2

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– Don’t play with a Ouija board, just don’t
– Why don’t the people in the house wake up more?
– At some point you just gotta take those doors down and have an open door policy surely?- Felt like the entity was humanised too much
– Wasn’t really that scared after that happens
– Just feels like he’s Bill, that old pissed off neighbour living below you who knocks on the wall if you put the volume up too much
– Albeit, it does make sense in the end (ish)
– Holy shit, that Tim Burton like Crooked Man really pulled me out of the movie
– So fucking cartoony, makes you feel like  you’re watching a different movie
– Convenient shit like the well sculpted tree or wearing headphones so they can’t hear you
– Valak, you had one job. Not telling your name because it’s your weakness
– That’s like Superman shouting Kryptonite
– Still didn’t quite get the end game for Valak, was it for the girl? For the husband? Both?
– And what did Valak use Bill for? Bait? To weaken the girl? So many questions!

Anything else?

Enjoyed it but prefer the first one. Still made me jump out of my seat like an absolute bitch at least 5 times though. Guess it’s the things that put me off which made it easier for me to remember that it’s just a movie, helping me sleep easier. Didn’t even need to whack a comedy tv show after, which is normally mandatory. (Don’t judge me, the system works)


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27 thoughts on “The Conjuring 2 (2016)

  1. I liked it just as much as the first one. There’s just something about Wilson and Farmiga. They’re definitely the best part of the series. There will be another one for sure.

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  2. I actually liked the crooked man, it reminded me a lot of the babadook and slender man, It scared the crap outta me! Just personal preferences I suppose. Great review though, I really enjoyed the film but I did prefer the first one.

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  3. Excellent review! I liked this better than the first one because I felt it was scarier. They both have a point – I’d say when the main person gets full on possessed and people are just talking to the ghost/spirit – where it stops being scary and I’m just waiting for it to end, but I feel like that point didn’t come as soon in this one. That being said you make a bunch of really good points – absolutely couldn’t stand how long it took the family to hear someone screaming down the hall… or in the bed next to the noise…

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  4. “Get out!” Aha! You actually went through with it. Great guts, dude. I literally ran out of my screening after demon-vision number one.πŸ’€πŸ‘»πŸ˜“ I can’t handle horror. Don’t judge. I’m sure I’ll grow the balls to see the whole thing someday.


  5. haha “Why don’t the people in the house wake up more?” Love that! I need to get something off my chest.. I haven’t seen the first one yet. But I’m going to change that! Nice review.

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      1. I haven’t seen this one, but there’s a lot of noise about it so I think I’m gonna have to!

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  6. Nice review. Even though I’ll probably never see this movie (don’t really particularly care for horror movies). So I’ll take your review as face-value for the movie.

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      1. I never got into horror movies. Not saying that there bad, but rather see a action or animated movie before seeing a horror movie.

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      1. Yhup! At the end of the movie, they showed pictures and videos of the family . They even played the original audio record of the demon’s voice 😦

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      2. Oh yeah I did stay for the end credits but I must’ve missed it! Which is a good thing probably aha


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