The Imitation Game (2014)

“Sometimes it’s the very people who no one imagines anything of, who do the things that no one can imagine.”

What’s it about?

Tells the story of Alan Turing, a genius mathematician who loves crossword puzzles more than Ross Geller. Oh yeah, he also led a team that broke the unbreakable German code, Enigma, and helped the Allies win the Second World War.

Who’s in it?

Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Mark Strong, Tywin Lannister and Ozymandias from Watchmen.

Why should I watch it?

+ Cumberbatch really has playing the whole highly intelligent but socially awkward characters locked down
+ Anyone know if Doctor Strange is a bit like that or is he more Tony Stark?
+ Charles Dance just oozes authority, he completely reminds you of Twyin
+ Always a pleasure to watch Mark Strong (When he’s not repeatedly getting jizzed on by elephants)
+ Kiera Knightly also gave a solid performance but the director of Begin Again will probably disagree with me
+ Divided in three parts (childhood, during the war and after the war)
+ So it doesn’t only show how this man does but also how he came to be
+ Briefly touches on gender discrimination but mainly focuses on homophobia
+ While sprinkling the message that it’s good to be different
+ An interesting moral dilemma pops up after breaking the code
+ Action or inaction? Do you save the lives of many while sacrificing the lives of few?
+ Hard not to be touched by his story by the end of the movie, nearly had me tearing up
+ The story contains fascinating and interesting material and actually made me research more about Turing and his work  during WWII
+ Love it when a film does that
+ When you think about it, some of us probably won’t even be here if it wasn’t for him
+ And those who are might not have computers, which isn’t as bad as death, but it’s pretty damn close

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– There’s no closure with Twyin’s character and he just kinda disappears like looking in another direction while talking to Batman
– Harsh reminder of how awful we used to treat mental illness or things we thought were mental illness back then

Anything else?

As this story proves, not every story has a happy ending. It’s fucking sad how his country failed this guy, despite of everything he did, because of narrow minded laws at the time. He basically saved a society that doesn’t even tolerate him.


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28 thoughts on “The Imitation Game (2014)

  1. Such a beautiful movie. I watched it with my class when it came out. I love it maybe even more because of Cumberbatch and Knightley, but the story, which I knew nothing about before, impressed me a lot. It was a new side of the WWII for me and since then I stared fo like the stories around the war more.

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    1. I preferred to him in this than to Sherlock, and I’m a massive Sherlock fan. Cumberbatch is always great at getting people to sympathise with the character his playing, but playing Turing he was on another level of acting entirely.

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  2. My favourite film of 2014, I absolutely adored this movie, tremendous acting, great direction and a wonderful but ultimately tragic story. If it hadn’t been for Redmayne, i think Cumberbatch should have won the Oscar!

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  3. You always steal the words away from me, man. This is all just what I’d say! The movie hands down was the best of 2014…only next to Birdman and The Theory of Everything. Such a deep, well-directed, beautiful and affecting story. I just wish it would’ve ended happily.
    The film’s music should be one of the +’s . Alexandre Desplat’s score was genius.
    Great review!

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    1. If you read my review, maybe you’ll change your mind about the ending. There are subtle hints given to us throughout the entire film that were mentally preparing us for the blurb at the end. Tyldum hid that part of the story so that the main focus would be on turing and his acts of heroism, instead of the film only being a reminder of the ignorant society of the past and present. Anyway, please consider checking out my blog, I would really appreciate it! Thanks.

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