Rush (2013)

“A wise man can learn more from his enemies than a fool from his friends.”

What’s it about?

Based on the true story of the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda, beginning in Formula Three and all the way up to the 1976 Formula One season.

Who’s in it?

The most popular Hemsworth brother, the guy who made Iron Man and Captain America fight over Bucky, Olivia Wilde, a cameo from Margaery of house Tyrell and Alexandra Maria Lara as the most supportive wife ever.

Why should I watch it?

+ Daniel Brühl  gives his best performance, including some heartbreaking scenes
+ Like Warrior, both characters have different driving style that matches their personality (long term/ short term)
+ Lauda is an unemotional introvert while Hunt is a witty playboy who likes to party
+ Lauda is a probability calculating mechanical genius while Hunt is an aggressive driver who will do anything to get that W
+ So it’s a bit like watching Tony Stark (before he had shrapnel on his chest) race Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory
+ Hemsworth and Brühl played off each other really well, whether it’s verbal jabs in dialogue or firing shots at each other in interviews
+ These two just keep bumping into each other, they’re meant to be rivals like Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams were meant to grow old and die together
+ Film isn’t biased either, there are likeable things about both but they also sometimes make dick moves
+ Movie does a good job cutting boring parts of racing, showing us exciting and fast paced action
+ Movie is pretty accurate too
+ If it’s good enough for the real Niki Lauda, it’s good enough for me

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– I mean, why would they still keep a race track called Graveyard open?
– Thank god for modern technology, those procedures look invasive as fuck
– Ending is a bit too coincidental

Anything else?

Take it from someone who just smiles and nods every time his mates talk about all things vehicle related, you really don’t have to like car racing or even know anything about cars to enjoy this movie. An incredible true story that shows competition won’t only push you to your limits, but can also propel you to greatness. So go out there and make some enemies!


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20 thoughts on “Rush (2013)

  1. As a 25 year fan of F1, I loved this movie 🙂 Great to see you gave it a good review. The film was historically accurate, although I would’ve liked more racing! Love those classic cars 🙂 Brühl was fantastic as Lauda.

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      1. Do yourself a favour and please do 🙂 Asif Kapadia constructed a immensely faithful character study of a fierce competitor, a complex intellectual and an immense talent. The documentary, narrated by Senna himself, captures why he is a true legend, not just for F1, but also as a human being. He has been a hero of mine since childhood.

        The director’s cut of the film is better in my opinion because Alain Prost isn’t 100% made out to be a “villain” the way he is in the theatrical cut. Either way, it won’t hinder your enjoyment of the film. Senna is a masterclass in documentary filmmaking. I have friends who aren’t F1 fans that found themselves taken aback by the impact the film had on them. I can’t recommend it enough 🙂

        I’ve gone and said too much 🙂

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    1. Aha I think it used to be before but don’t think it’s in their anymore (UK one anyway). I’m pretty sure there are other ways of getting a hand on a copy (wink wink).


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