45 Years (2015)

“I think you were just chasing a girl who wanted to be chased.”

What’s it about?

An old couple prepares to celebrate their 45th anniversary when the husband receives a letter that changes everything. A real ghost of girlfriend past, no Matthew Mcconaughey.

Who’s in it?

Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay.

Why should I watch it?

+ Incredible acting from the two lead actors
+ Especially from Charlotte Rampling
+ Simple but very interesting story
+ Puts a marriage under a microscope
+ Still manage to learn something new about each other
+ But new isn’t always a good thing
+ A different kind of love story
+ Has a bit of mystery vibe to it as well
+ Devastating realisation shot at the end
+ Haven’t seen a letter change so much since Tywin Lannister green-lighted The Red Wedding
+ Almost smell the fresh air with those country side shots
+ Also touches on global warming

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– Like Anomalisa, the plot is stretched out a bit
– Which means the pace feels sloooooow
– Feels like you’ve been watching for 45 years
– Also, it might make you a little paranoid if you’re in a relationship

Anything else?

This guy really knows how to make a girl feel second best, huh? I felt really bad for Kate, basically wasting her time living someone else’s life. But hey, nothing a Beyoncé visual album sesh won’t fix. 🍋
Check it out now on Netflix. It currently has 1 star  but they do have The Guilt Trip at 2.5 so that should raise some eyebrows. #TrusssssssssstInMe


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4 thoughts on “45 Years (2015)

      1. I will! Still waiting for other movies. I reserve these movies through our local library. I watch quite a lot of movies , but obviously I don’t always review all of them.

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