Warrior (2011)

“And these guys are not real fighters. They’re just guys that have seen too much UFC on TV.”

What’s it about?

Two brothers in a not-so-loving relationship reunite at the biggest winner-takes- all MMA tournament. They are forced to face the issues of their broken relationship while their former alcoholic and abusive father also tries to make amends to make the family whole again.

Who’s in it?

Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton, Nick Nolte and Zoey from How I Met Your Mother.

Why should I watch it?

+ Looks like another typical fight movie but this film is so much more
+ Has a compelling story
+ Deep sympathetic characters that’ll get you invested emotionally
+ Makes you root for both brothers for different reasons
+ Tommy fights to right a wrong from his past
+ While Brendan fights to secure his family’s future
+ They also have different fighting styles
+ Hardy is an absolute BEAST, a very aggressive and powerful fighter
+ While Brendan specialises in submission and takes more beating than Aston Villa
+ More beating than the 76ers, for you Americans
+ For non-sports fans, he just gets dicked on a lot
+ As a medium fan of UFC, I can vouch that the fight scenes stay pretty grounded
+ Has great acting too, some of Nolte’s scenes pack an emotional punch
+ MMA commentators were a lot of fun, great banter between them
+ Features actual UFC fighters and Kurt Angle
+ And there’s Frank Grillo and Agent Sitwell from the MCU #HailHydra
+ Anyone else think that, apart from Jon Bernthal, Grillo would’ve been a great Punisher?

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– It’s difficult to understand Nick Nolte at times, a lot of mumbling and grunting
– Four fights in two days is a bit too much, no?
– I mean, in real life, the quality of the last fight would’ve been as piss poor as an Adam Sandler flick

Anything else?

Movie is about forgiveness and overcoming obstacles mixed with exciting fight scenes that will get your adrenaline pumping. For me, I was rooting more for the underdog. I liked his character better and I prefer the technicality of submissions than straight up knockouts. Apparently, the best way to rebuild bridges is to buy boxing gloves and beat the shit out of each other until you’re both crying on each other’s shoulders.


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6 thoughts on “Warrior (2011)

  1. Another boxing movie. The themes with boxing movie are good, but I just cringe whenever I see their faces get pulped up. That said, I’ve also seen almost all of them–the Rocky series, Southpaw, The Fighter, etc.

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  2. I thought this film was brilliant, with genuinely one of the best endings I have ever seen. Also, I think this film is particularly underrated. You don’t tend to hear it talked about that much, from my experience anyway. ‘The Warrior’ is just an example of another great boxing/fighting film.

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