Hardcore Henry (2016)

“A grenade a day, keeps the enemy at bay.”

What’s it about?

Aside for being a solid porn name, Hardcore Henry is about a guy upgrading his body with robotic parts when his wife gets taken by an evil organisation.

Who’s in it?

Sharlto Copley, Haley Bennett, Tim Roth and features YOU as Henry.

Why should I watch it?

+ First ever movie in a first person perspective
+ Shot using GoPro cameras
+ Hardcore Henry lives up to his name, action is non-stop
+ Fast-paced and extremely violent fights with some insane stunts
+ Closes thing people will get to being able to parkour
+ Great music to go along with the action
+ Sharlto Copley as Jimmy was probably the best thing about this movie
+ Gives an awesome performance and shows off his range
+ Has more characters than your average tweet
+ And provides plenty of funny moments
+ Ending fight scene that was bloodier than Carrie’s prom dress
+ Has fun with subtitles
+ Very cool opening scene
+ The best video game movie that isn’t based on a video game franchise
+ Novelty is something you have to experience

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– One scene where the CGI looks like it really did came off a video game… On a PS2
– Don’t really know what the fucks going on when the camera moves too quick or he’s fighting someone up close
– If you don’t like watching someone else play video games
– Seriously though, I don’t get how people love watching YouTubers play games

Anything else?

Yes, the movie has a weak story and leaves some stuff left unexplained but the action makes it hard for you to care about that stuff. It’s like playing paintball and asking someone to give you a backstory and a motive to shoot the other team. You just go out there, enjoy yourself and ask questions later. Gotta admit though, it’s probably mostly aimed at a young male demographic.


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25 thoughts on “Hardcore Henry (2016)

  1. Well..sadly I had to leave after 45min. That camera rolling is not for me. It’s like Project Almanac & a few others.. After a bit of it, I have such a pounding headache and have to close my eyes – I end up missing most of it anyways so that ad-nauseum movement camera work is just not for me. :/

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    1. Some parts were a bit confusing because of the fast camera movement but for the most part, I think it was a lot of fun. I’d say it’s worth a watch!


  2. Hi Diego! I’m so glad you reviewed this movie cuz my son wants to watch it. He’s seen the commercials. He’s a gamer and loves watching you tube with gamers playing games, but he’s 8 years old and it’s rated R… what do you think?

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    1. Great question! I think he will really like this film BUT there is a scene where he goes to a strip club and women are walking around topless for about 15 mins.

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      1. Oh. Ya…that won’t work then. I’ll wait til he can watch it at home and I can pick out which scenes he can watch. Thanks for letting me know and for your great reviews! I like reading them.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Yeahhhh I’m probably thinking I’ll pass on this one, coz it has too much of a “Crank”-ish feel to it. And I DID NOT like that movie. Anyway, great points though. I do like watching other people play games, but I need to have some plot too to keep my interest built up.

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  4. I think I can turn my brain off for a while and watch someone else play a video game for me. In all seriousness though I am looking forward to seeing this (also I’m back from dead so long time no see man).

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