Steve Jobs (2015)

“It’s like five minutes before every launch, everyone goes to a bar, gets drunk, and tells me what they really think of me.”

What’s it about?

Takes you backstage and behind the scenes of three product launches in Steve Jobs’ career.

Who’s in it?

Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, a sober Seth Rogen and Jeff Daniels.

Why should I watch it?

+ Amazing performances from Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet
+ Seth Rogen channels his inner ‘Jonah Hill in Moneyball’
+ Father and daughter relationship as the heart of the movie
+ Dialogue driven and the dialogue is a pretty good driver
+ Shows how Steve Jobs was a visionary and was thinking way ahead his time
+ Also, he is a bit of a dick
+ Acting more like a machine than man at times
+ Shout out to Alan Turing
+ Has what is considered to be the best ad ever made
+ Fun fact, it was actually directed by Ridley Scott

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– If you’re Bill Gates
– If you’re on the Apple II team
– Can understand if some people find it slow and boring

Anything else?

The reasons why the 1984 ad is considered the best is because it was one of the first ads that doesn’t actually show the product, it has a great tagline and it doesn’t associate computers with boring office work, inspiring creative thinking and freedom instead. When you think about it, it actually still holds up today as most creative professions use Mac.

Oh, the film is good by the way. It’s better than the Ashton Kutcher version that I never saw.


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16 thoughts on “Steve Jobs (2015)

  1. I guess I liked it a lot better than you. I thought it was amazing. Fassbender was my pick for Best Actor until I saw The Revenant where Leo edged him out slightly. I didn’t think it was slow and boring but I can see why some would feel that way. I just hung on to every word. Sorry for the long comment, I will stop now.

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      1. I tend to not really go by reviews because they’re subjective. I read reviews to know other people’s opinions rather than to go by their opinions. I like the format of your review. Easy and fun to read and to the point.

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      2. Yeah for sure, that’s true. There’s just soooo many films and so little time! Aha films with bad reviews or plot that doesn’t interest me tend to be at the bottom of my watch list. Although, I seem to notice that some films I liked on Netflix tend to have a score of 3 stars or under. And thanks!

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  2. I saw this version and definitely big steps above the other one, although I liked both, but there is a difference in writing and style. Fassbender is such an excellent actor, along with Kate Winslet and even Seth Rogen made a good Woz.

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