Tangled (2010)

“Sorry boys, I don’t sing.”

What’s it about?

Before Disney got people to let it go, comes the remixed version of the Brothers Grimm’s classic tale of Rapunzel.

Who’s in it?

Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi.

Why should I watch it?

+ Not only for girls, guys will like Flynn and the action he brings
+ Not only for kids, it will make adults laugh too
+ Charming movie that also tugs at the heartstrings
+ Exposes the true power of frying pans
+ Will make you love a horse and chameleon
+ Has some catchy songs
+ Sometimes mother doesn’t know best
+ Another instant Disney classic

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– I mean, do they have DNA test?
– Or can anyone just claim they are the lost princess?

Anything else?

It teaches kids to follow their dreams and tells parents to let their kids follow them, especially if you’re the one who kidnapped them for their magical hair in the first place. A movie that guys will hate to admit that they like and will claim that their sisters made them watch it.


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11 thoughts on “Tangled (2010)

  1. I saw this and enjoyed it for what it is. I love animation so I appreciate the art itself. The lines were pretty good. I find most Disney productions pretty well done; they spend enough money for writers and they have a generally good formula.

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  2. I love this movie and watch it regularly, as an ‘annual’ kind of ritual with my daughter, when we catch up with each other. Its one of the few Disney movies that doesn’t infuriate me with stereotypes or tacit assumptions, and it is SO beautiful. The scene with the lanterns over the water is magical.

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