Trainwreck (2015)

“When you look at the clouds, do you see his face? Do you hear his name when you listen to the wind?”

What’s it about?

After learning to be commitment-phobe from her father, Amy spends her days sleeping with different men, getting drunk and doing what she wants. Could that all change with the injection of a certain sports doctor in her life?

Who’s in it?

Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, Tilda Swinton and the guy about to play The Flash in the Justice League movie.

Why should I watch it?

+ Amy Schumer is actually pretty funny
+ Bill Hader can carry a movie as a lead
+ Has some surprisingly heavy scenes as well
+ Brie Larson, anything Brie Larson
+ Hilarious cinema scene with John Cena
+ LeBron James and all the Cleveland jokes land like a Steph Curry 3 pointer (Big NBA fan)
+ Marv Albert with the intervention play-by-play
+ Hey, ladies can be players too

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– If you’re more of a Kobe Bryant guy
– If you’re allergic to sports
– If you don’t like Amy Schumer (also written by her so there’s 2 reasons)

Anything else?

Wasn’t expecting much from this movie but I gotta tell you, I ended up diggin’ it. It’ll be interesting to see where Amy Schumer goes from here. Hope she doesn’t end up playing the same character like Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson because this film shows she’s got range like an American Sniper.


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7 thoughts on “Trainwreck (2015)

  1. I’ve seen some of Amy Schumer’s stand-up performances and I don’t think she’s always funny compared to other comediennes. I don’t think I’ll be watching this, although I watched Knocked Up (funny-ok), 40-Year-Old Virgin (hilarious), and Forgetting Sarah Marshall (also hilarious).

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      1. Those that I’ve seen are far and in between and occurred as I just happen to plop down and listen, not really paying attention who they were. I’m one of those fly by watchers when it comes to this type of viewing, which is usually on cable T.V. I do it too infrequently to be much of help. The only one that pops in my head are the older ones–Roseanne Barr, Lily Tomlin, and now the deceased Joan Rivers and Phyllis Diller–they were the real funny ladies.

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