Sicario (2015)

“… Order is the best we can hope for.”

 What’s it about?

An FBI agent gets thrown in at the deep end of the war on drugs. She discovers that the frontline is filled with Mexican cartels, headless bodies, corruption and government conspiracies.

Who’s in it?

Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro.

Why should I watch it?

+ Everything about Del Toro’s character
+ He goes from wacky in Guardians of the Galaxy to straight up scary and deadly while still being likeable
+ Tense highway scene will leave you reaching for your imaginary gun
+ Has a lot of gorgeous shots
+ Small role for Shane from The Walking Dead
+ Grounded in realism
+ Ends in a kind of bleak way

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– If you’re a Mexican drug lord
– Emily Blunt gets a little bit annoying towards the end
– Too morally good, this isn’t an ideal world

Anything else?

The violent and messy war on drugs looks like it isn’t gonna end any time soon. I’m not an expert and I know there are a lot of factors involved but I believe that the US government spends billions on the drug war. Maybe the money will be more effective if we cut down on the demand, focusing on rehabilitating drug addicts and takers.


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