Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

“Come find me when you wake up!”

What’s it about?

Earth is under attack by an alien race who, unlike Hawkeye from Age of Ultron, seem to see things coming. Our last hope turns out to be an untrained guy who gains the ability to reset the day after dying.

Who’s in it?

A surprisingly cowardly Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton, Brendan Gleeson and the guy that chopped off Jaime Lannister’s sword hand.

Why should I watch it?

+Aliens thrown into a movie mix of Groundhog Day, Source Code, Next and Looper
+ Tom Cruise reminds why that he is a great action star
+ Holy shit, Emily Blunt is badass
+ Time loops doesn’t come across as repetitive
+ Liked how sometimes he knows what’s coming, other times it’s happening to him for the first time
+ Romantic element seems natural, that’s what happens after spending a lot of time with someone
+ Movie gets you more against blood transfusion than a Jehovah’s Witness
+ If you hate Tom Cruise (he gets killed a lot of times)

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– So many questions about the ending
– Okay, I rarely do this but:

I would’ve preferred the ending to be everyone finding the team sacrifice themselves in a ‘last stand’ type scenario, not getting the power back and everyone lives happily ever after.
PS. Not so subtle end credit song with Love Me Again by John Newman.

Anything else?

One way to describe this movie would be like restarting from a checkpoint after dying on a really difficult mission/level in a video game. Pleasantly surprised by this movie, Edge of Tomorrow will definitely leave you on the edge of your seat.


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5 thoughts on “Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

      1. Sure but to anyone who wants to give it a read, skip this comment. So the whole time loop thing works a bit differently in the book. It’s a bit convoluted; essentially Cage and Rita both can’t exist for the battle to be truly won. Rita forces Cage into a fight to the death, I wont say the outcome but it’s ends up being more of a bitter sweet ending.

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  1. The loop is reminiscent of the movie, Source Code, with Jake Gyllenhaal. Both are good though. As for this movie, it made me think how I do like Tom Cruise as an actor regardless of what’s going on in his real life.

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