Fruitvale Station (2013)

“Please let me hug him. Please… He didn’t like to be alone.”

What’s it about?

Based on the true story of 22 year old black guy, Oscar Grant, before black lives mattered.

Who’s in it?

Michael B. Jordan, Octavia Spencer and that guy from One Tree Hill (but instead of shooting hoops, he shoots black people).

Why should I watch it?

+ First movie of, director, Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan before Creed
+ Michael B. Jordan’s strong performance
+ Octavia Spencer delivers powerful scenes
+ Doesn’t portray him as a completely good guy
+ He’s a drug dealer but he’s a nice guy,  He’s a great dad but cheated on his girlfriend
+ Makes you shout angrily at the screen more times than Making a Murderer
+ Will drain you emotionally
+ Hindsight is truly a bitch

Why shouldn’t I watch it?

– If you think New Year’s Eve is overrated
– If you’re George Zimmerman

Anything else?

Makes you feel sad watching this guy trying to turn his life around when everything is stacked against him. Also makes you feel sorry for the family he left behind. Watching police officers handle the situation poorly made me so angry, completely blowing the situation out of proportion. It’s a good thing we have learned from our mistakes and unarmed black people don’t have to be afraid of trigger happy police officers anymore, right guys? *Heavy sarcasm*


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Dallas Buyers Club
Straight Outta Compton


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